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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The other me :|

Yesterday i was playing soccer, it was really gr8 :D, because you know .. we were 4 teams playing a league , some teams were 5 players out of 6 , so i used to play with those to complete their team, also playing with my original one , so i never left the field for 2 complete hours :D.
anyway i noticed sth really strange ! , when i used to play with my conscious mind i used to make a lot of mistakes :/ , i mean when i look at a player , try to think how to pass the ball to him , i will surely make a mistake ! when i shoot at the goal and give my mind to it, the ball will go wide away .. but if i played unconsciously without thinking about how to do a pass well or shoot well, i will just do fine ! , also when i played as a goalkeeper i used to get balls i wasn't paying attention to , while balls i was looking at , they went into the goal net right away :P.

... Maybe i was smarter in the past :P

Saturday, February 24, 2007

fire birds

This picture is surely not for fire birds, but i was wondering how it came out like that ! .
First of all this was a fire , it was gathered on the ground making a large area covered with dots of fire colored in red and yelo.
Second of all the distribution of these dots was like normal .. not diverted to the up left as it looks in the picture, sth really creepy happened while taking this picture ! i feel like the camera lens was affected by some sort of a wave or sth :P making it biased up-left and changing the colors of the fire .. i dunno, maybe it has to do with closure time , but also making the dots look like a bird ! , am sure i wasnt moving while taking this picture .. this picture is evil ! :|

Friday, February 23, 2007

Da vinci sleeping

or also known as "Polyphasic sleep" :
"Polyphasic sleep (also known as Da Vinci sleep or Uberman sleep) is a sleep pattern intended to reduce sleep time to 2–5 hours daily. This is achieved by spreading out sleep into short naps of around 20–45 minutes throughout the day." .. more info at this wikipedia topic.

Well, the time we live is constant (as a muslim POV), that means there are 2 possibilities, either that sleeping time is cut from our living time , or sleeping is just wasting our lifetime period . The first option is logically wrong, because it means the more you sleep, the longer you live .. that means if you sleep for ever you will never die (well, it might proove through, and the only proof for that is "as7ab al kahf"* story) , so it is kinda true that sleeping is just a waste of our life time period.

How ironic , the way we love life, and the way we love to waste it in sleeping .. it doesnt make sense ! i believe that polyphasic sleeping is the best way to show your love for life, and i think every one should go for it, it will just give you a longer life :).

*"as7ab al kahf" story is a story if a group of men and their dog that slept for about 300 years , and then woke up and lived for a short time, its mentioned in the holy Quran. its the only proof i could find for the fact that sleeping is not a part of your life time period.

pictures i like

hometown city of tulkarm .. i will be back soon (:

this plant was the tallest amongst the others in that area, wonder why .. ! but unfortunately it was the worst taste plant ! because these type , the taller it is , the worse taste it has .. i hope some ppl could understand this like plants do

the city in the vally , i love the view

the gr8 karmool cafe .. the taste will make you forget about all the ugly stuff around :D

the largest love message i ever saw !

i love the view of the clouds and the city together, prob. my most favorite photo

starting the series

well here i am about to kick off my super-duper amazingly horrible blog ! . Well let me start this thing by the most valuable word in this life!!
The word i am talking about is superb , a word of power, control and every thing that has to do with candy! , that word is ".. meh"
i think thats it for my first blog, wait for more soon (: