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Friday, February 23, 2007

Da vinci sleeping

or also known as "Polyphasic sleep" :
"Polyphasic sleep (also known as Da Vinci sleep or Uberman sleep) is a sleep pattern intended to reduce sleep time to 2–5 hours daily. This is achieved by spreading out sleep into short naps of around 20–45 minutes throughout the day." .. more info at this wikipedia topic.

Well, the time we live is constant (as a muslim POV), that means there are 2 possibilities, either that sleeping time is cut from our living time , or sleeping is just wasting our lifetime period . The first option is logically wrong, because it means the more you sleep, the longer you live .. that means if you sleep for ever you will never die (well, it might proove through, and the only proof for that is "as7ab al kahf"* story) , so it is kinda true that sleeping is just a waste of our life time period.

How ironic , the way we love life, and the way we love to waste it in sleeping .. it doesnt make sense ! i believe that polyphasic sleeping is the best way to show your love for life, and i think every one should go for it, it will just give you a longer life :).

*"as7ab al kahf" story is a story if a group of men and their dog that slept for about 300 years , and then woke up and lived for a short time, its mentioned in the holy Quran. its the only proof i could find for the fact that sleeping is not a part of your life time period.


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