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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The other me :|

Yesterday i was playing soccer, it was really gr8 :D, because you know .. we were 4 teams playing a league , some teams were 5 players out of 6 , so i used to play with those to complete their team, also playing with my original one , so i never left the field for 2 complete hours :D.
anyway i noticed sth really strange ! , when i used to play with my conscious mind i used to make a lot of mistakes :/ , i mean when i look at a player , try to think how to pass the ball to him , i will surely make a mistake ! when i shoot at the goal and give my mind to it, the ball will go wide away .. but if i played unconsciously without thinking about how to do a pass well or shoot well, i will just do fine ! , also when i played as a goalkeeper i used to get balls i wasn't paying attention to , while balls i was looking at , they went into the goal net right away :P.

... Maybe i was smarter in the past :P


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