through countless years, a lazy life series

Thursday, March 29, 2007

hippie again

life is not a game, you don't play by anyone's rules , you just make your choices, and make your own rules, and if no body likes that then you are crazy , and if you go along with people then you are mind-washed , because you didn't make your own choice.

confusing ? , yea but somehow i found my way out of this, i decided to be a hippie, join my hippie group today and you will find your answers , MEH ! is our motto, meh every thing !!

death is everywhere, and the sun just watches us, and keeps smiling every day ...


Saturday, March 17, 2007

getting really sick

a real bad timing :/ , i mean it snowed yesterday, and i missed the fun, next week i have a lot of exams and homeworks to do (weather am sick or not, i will find reasons not to do them :P) , mom is coming next week too !
i never got as sick for like more than 6 years ! (i cant recall the last time i got really sick !), but bah !, sure i will never forget this one, so SO ! bad timing
thanks for reading, your present is a funny video ! , enjoy (: :

Thursday, March 1, 2007

My harmony

this topic contains the main idea about this blog "lazy lifes" , yea it took me a while to post it, but i was trying my best to make it as good as possible, but seems i failed so bad ! anyway let me tell you the story of my life:
-being an arab: probably the worst thing that could happen to any human ! (being a Muslim is surely the best thing that happened to me though, somehow thanks for being an arab :/), being an arab means you have to be plain LAZY and stupid. its like 2 arabs talking :
a: lets go to x, he is 10 mins away , we will walk
b: walk ?!! are you out of your mind ! its far away
or in another scenario :
a: gr8 ! , its easy to make, we have to follow these simple 10 steps
b: :S :S , 10 steps .. thats too much !am lazy
or a third one:
a: what was the last book you read?
b: book ? , you mean a school book ?
a: no ! a novel or anything
b: what ? are you crazy ? i don't have time for school books !
that guy "b" is purely arab , "a" i doubt he is an arab :P, when you live with thousands of Bs for a while, you will be one of them :/

-living in jordan: jordan is so far the worst country in the world ever ! , its more hot than Kenya and Kongo .. and all these African countries, and more cold than the north pole (it feels so :P), and here you will never see anyone smiling .. if you smiled , they might kick your ass or put you in the prison ! , here every one tries to steal from you and take as much profit as he can from you, at the same time he tries his best not to give others any profit, so every one is on his own ! , you don't expect any help from any one in here, and ppl are so sick, they would do anything any other culture is doing just to look kewl. you can say living in jordan is like being in an institution. of course ppl here are the laziest around the world.

-being a student in JU: JU stands for Jordanian university or some call it the university of jordan, its considered the best here in jordan, and in the whole area , well .. its the worst for me!! most of the doctors and tutors think they are gods, and that they are always right (lately there have been some good tutors actually) still the students are lazy and don't have that spirit of creativity , so .. its all useless, no practical sides for what we study, so it all just go away !

And as i said in the "living in jordan" point, in JU they try to make as much profit as possible , without giving anything in return.Most of the students around you are so sick,stupidly geeks and .. not fun :/ , here a doctor will go into the lecture make you 3 assignments and 2 quizzes in a minute ,careless about the load students is getting, never helps you with your marks. simply ju is hell ! i never advice anyone to study in it, or in any arabic university !

-my life: when am on a vacation, i sleep like 12 hours a day , i wake up, use the pc , go get sth to eat, use the pc again then sleep, when on school .. wake up, go there come back, sleep wake up, eat and sleep for school!

Going out with guys .. the only place we can go to is a fast food restaurant to eat , then back to sleep .. (some times we go play network games or movies which is actually fun) , other than eating we might go wandering in the car , same places looking for hot chicks ,.. BORING ! makes you full-- of laziness !

-traffic: here to go from my house to safeway hypermarket, it takes 15 mins walking, and 30 mins in the car !(at traffic) , traffic is so annoying, when you think about going out somewhere you must be on the road 1 hour before to make it on time !, which is really frustrating, because if you wanna do sth, you will spend 1:30+ hours on the way, which will screw all your day up, this surely makes you lazy and not in mood to do anything !.

simply, we are living a killing "routen?", if you are not lazy you will be considered crazy, and life goes on.

-music: i have been listening to the same music i used to listen to before 6 years !, thats laziness in my mind.

-gays : i dunno what it has to do with this, i just hate gays, the idea of "gays/lesbians are about love" just doesn't make sense.

my point is, our life is all lazy , you have to live it like this , try your best never to surrender , don't let laziness take over your spirit, and then rabe3a died ... and life goes on