through countless years, a lazy life series

Thursday, April 19, 2007

my journy

the other world wasn't so bad, being dead was a lot of joy just for the fact of being away from sorrow, a lot of fire and lovely demons staring at you, a stranger in their land, somehow , demons aren't bad as us ,because they don't attack strangers, they just stare at them.
they have no master, they have no reason to live, they were empty, i sit down and talked to them , their language was strange, was kinda orcish or sth, but we managed to understand each other, i started to teach them , and a big mistake i did, they turned out to be very intelligent , but with no any source of knowledge, they have learned so fast and was glad, until that day when they realized that they are smarter than humans.
my soul always warned me that knowledge is dangerous, it will open their mind to needs they never thought or dreamed of, unfortunately this time my soul was right.
they found the way i used to their world, they came to our world, a real physical world full of colors and waves, stuff they never saw, powers they never felt, ice was like fiery hills for them, fire was like a warm bed they sleep in, blind and cant see all the colors, but invisible and non seen by anything, they realized they are still alone, even with ppl around them, still they are not in their land, they are in a strange land, they started to feel sorrow, and feel being alone.
they could hear but they couldn't talk, until the winter started, they all started feeling its wrath, they couldn't stand all this cold , all this pain, they couldn't find the way back to their home, they were so disparate and surrendered to death, until they found their new home, a warm and a lot of fun and a good place to use their knowledge, and achieve their dreams, that place was the human body !.
they managed to get in, they managed to overwhelm the human mind, and fool him into more and more dreams, enslaving them for their desires ! and they made a lot of success, they liked their new home, and they managed to increase in large numbers. and enjoy a lot and lot of control.
my soul was sad, and hated me for what i did, i destroyed our world, i made it into a play ground for demons to play their mind games, to achieve dreams they made, and humans will never realize, my soul left me alone and cursed me, and thus i became dead again, i am living alone in the demons world, i don't wanna go back, i can imagine how scary it is out there, my friend demons would never listen to me, my soul would never come back to me.
demons liked their new home more than their original one, they almost forgot about their original one, being able to control and do anything you want through your slaves was a lot of joy the them, a joy that they cant ever get enough of, and when their immortal slaves die, they will just find another one, they will continue their game for ever, and i will be alone for ever, my soul will be sad forever , and the humans souls will be naked for ever, and will never get any real knowledge or find any truth.
thats my journey, thats how i destroyed the world, thats how i became dead again, some mistakes cant be fixed, but the fact that no one realize them is enough.
we will never outsmart demons, and we will never prevent them from living in us, we must obey.