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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A day walk into life

I was walking by the river of my life, i was bored that day, and wanted to refresh some of my old memories, beautiful ones.

The river was calm and relaxing, some white water and some black, some shinny and some dark, some life giving and some is dead! a very weird combination that made me think how life had affected my pure river which had started purely from one source on the day of my birth.

Every one is born clean and pure , life just screw us with its trash or enrich us with shinny and life giving spirits. I tried to look for the different sources feeding my river and my soul I tried to get to bad ones, luckily most of them were closed, I just couldn’t remember for how long they affected my river …

I saw some rocks inside the river, I saw some really beautiful areas full of flowers and roses , my friends were very pure sources of water, creating very beautiful gardens around each one.

I saw my enemies, trying to dig holes, and steal my water, trying to make it worse, trying to through rocks, destroying the beautiful gardens .. trying to steal the life of my river. But they never managed to succeed, my river always been strong and protected it self, spirits were guarding it very well.

I saw some animals drinking from my river, taking some of my memories and my old life, but I was happy, giving them life, some times they helped taking some bad parts of the water and some rocks, making my river more pure and beautiful (:.

My soul was roaming over the water, looking at me and smiling, she was happy to go back into memories with me like a little kid meeting his mom, she was getting from the water and trying to be more and more happy , ignoring the bad water, looking at her made me so happy (:, my soul consist of this water, its just get abused some time because of some bad water.

I was shocked when I saw the most beautiful source in my river, so shinny and beautiful water, full of shinny colors :D, makes any one looking at it happy, animals smiling, soul doesn’t want to leave it , a very beautiful garden I bet is as beautiful as the garden of Eden, that source was my religion, and the Quran , I couldn't be as happy and more happy seeing such a very beautiful scene!.

You might be wondering why I didn’t go into the future, I just don’t wanna screw it , let it come as is , and I will make sure I'll enjoy it and make it so beautiful (:.

Ever one can be pure again, we just have to look for our dark side and sources and try to stop them, every one should journey back by his river and try. We should be pure to live happily in peace, as humans going into the same one sea and destination (:.


  • And the river flows; through the terrains of the earth it flows, and an eagle in the sky is following it, he sees how gravity plays with the rivers, how still waters disrupt it, how winter freezes it, how the obstacles that the river hits forces him to make a choice, and the river has to choose the choice that will get him closer to the ocean, the ultimate goal, but how can he know the right road to the ocean when he is still thousands of miles away. And the eagle wonders ... is it even the river's choice, is it not gravity, the terrain and the "defined and pre-set" complex rules of life that would make that choice for the river !

    But NO, They all agree; it is the river that is to be blamed for choices he makes ... not the one who designed the terrain, not the one who puts the obstacles in his way, not the one who set all the rules that define the motion of liquids !.

    'Bullshit...'; the eagle thinks in himself, it is not the river's choice, it is not his fault that it went left or right, the blame is all on the one who designed the terrain. But the river doesn't know that ... it has a very narrow vision; it sees only few steps ahead, so the river thinks that it is actually his choice that got him where he is now; 'I should've gone right around that last rock, damn my soul, for I am so stupid'.

    But what does the eagle know, he is nothing but a crazy fool, so what if he see hundreds of miles ahead when he is above there, so what if he sees a bigger picture !, he just doesn't see it from the point of view of Rivers !.

    By Blogger Waleed Tuffaha, At May 14, 2007 at 9:18 PM  

  • the river is to be blamed, he should have worked harder trying to find its way, even with its limited vision, he should do the best he can and thats it , the terrain is not to be blamed at all.
    i didnt create the terrain of my river, time is the creator , i just hope i will guide my river the best way (:

    By Blogger deadman walking, At May 14, 2007 at 10:04 PM  

  • The eagle is high in the sky. He sees more of the terrain's area, yet less of the altitudes on ground.

    He thinks he can make a better judgment of how the river should go, but he knows not physics of liquids, and he knows not the altitude of points in the terrain.

    He thinks: "I am an eagle high in the sky, free to roam. You are a river tied to the ground", his lack of perspective makes him ignore how many plants and animal's life the river has given, while the eagle only took lives away. He also forgets how he himself had to approach the river and drink from it.

    The eagle, too pre-occupied about following the river's path and blaming it instead of finding his own way, ends up in the jet-engine of a nearby airplane.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At May 15, 2007 at 7:22 AM  

  • Ok now ... the river and the eagle are metaphors !

    the river represents a normal human being, not a source of life for another animals or plants in the straight meaning !

    the eagles represents the bigger picture, not the biggest; but just a bigger picture, he doesn't represent a being or a character.

    [ and an eagle can determine the altitudes on the ground by changing his altitudes and his angle of sight, how the hell does he hunt his prey otherwise ! ]
    [ and this eagle is a smart-ass, he took some physics course in the University of Eagles]

    The idea here is that this big picture that the eagle sees is the picture that god (Islamic god) sees:
    he is the one who created the terrain, the one who put all the rules, the river will never break these rules, and these terrains and rules are the controller of the river's flow .... but blame the river !

    as you believe, god created humans, but from the point of view of god everything is absolute, before god created this universe there was ""Nothing"". so he created the universe, the rules, the humans, "Everything"... and from his point of view; everything is deterministic !!! even our very process of thinking is deterministic, so let me say it again: everything is deterministic!; so everything we do, whether he defined it as good or bad, we did it because he created us this way; he designed us this was, from our point of view we think we have choice ... but from god's point of view we will never do anything that he didn't make us do, anything that he didn't design us to do. ... but still he will burn us in hell just because humans turned out to be exactly how he designed them !.

    in simpler words ... i make a robot, i program it to hit the wall, and when i run it and it hits the wall; i get angry and set it on fire because it hit the wall. How super-intelligent of me !

    and i don't think that eagles fly as high as jet planes !

    By Blogger Waleed Tuffaha, At May 15, 2007 at 12:52 PM  

  • dude, you have the choice, god just knows what are you going to choose, god didnt create you and made you your choices ! its just the way you are raised , the way you have learnt your life is what affects your river , and i still stick to my word, the river still have a choice within the few meters he is able to see and thats what we are limited to, god can see the gr8 picture, god knows what will you think, but still you choose that in the first place.
    its like a donkey with a carrot tied in front of his eyes, he will follow it, and you know that .. he will keep running for it. but still that donkey had the choice not to run and waste his powers on nothing, unfortunately he didnt think well, and so are humans who doesnt think well, after all its their choice !

    By Blogger deadman walking, At May 15, 2007 at 1:02 PM  

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