through countless years, a lazy life series

Friday, September 28, 2007

Pictures i like ! (pt. 2)

My city of tulkarm at night !

City of Nablus

City of Ram-allah

Al-najah university - Nablus

me smoking sth :P

A very yummmmmmmmmy banana split i had in tulkarm :D

Mecca mall , empty ?! O.o

art at amman al-ahleya faculty of art, nice , that faculty is really .. arty and great !

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

they are coming ! 2/2

i woke up in the morning , it was the day my friends should be coming to my hometown city , was i dreaming ? .. i checked the date again and asked my family and it was surely the same day ! ehh what a strange dream ! , i made my self ready , and left to the bus station waiting for my friends .. things were going smoothly as it did in the dream , we left my city to umkhaled town, and took the boat to reach akka , when we saw the walls of akka, the same pictures i remember from my dream kept coming by .. the view of the city and the high wall from the sea is like printed in my mind ! .. is tarted to get worried , whats going on ?!
we went into the city, and went to the walls, we went up the first tower and there was that sword-oldman setting on the last floor, and again sinan wanted to go for some sword fighting, this time he was professional, they were fighting like fantasy movies heroes jumping all around from a tower to a tower, and even down to the ground and up the tower again !
there was a bow on the ground and my friend waleed said he wants to try some throwing, so he stayed there, i started to feel worried, 2 sword men fighting as in the dream and a guy shooting with a bow ! .. i ran directly to the second tower, and looked down .... and there he was , that man graping that girl again and putting her paralyzed on the stairs down the tower ! , i panicked ! , i went back to warn my friends , but sinan was so busy sword fighting i couldn't catch him ! and waleed wasnt there, i shouted "leave this place right now !" , and i went directly back to my town to warn them ...
i woke up again ! , but this time i was in egypt, in sharmelsheikh hotel room ! .. was it all a dream ? i was confused for 5 minutes "where is reality !!"

friendship lasts for ever

i looked at her and i saw the most wonderful flower in my garden, with very strange colors i never saw before, and a smell you could sense meters away, i loved that rose and i wanted to pick it up and make it next to me in my house.

it was standing in the garden, all alone, like a hero who lost his army in the battle but finally won,i noticed butterflies flying around it , enjoying its beautiful smell and it was giving them as much as it can and taking nothing in return, beautiful from the outside , amazing from the inside it was. despite the stings(thrones) around its neck , i didn't stop and went to pick it up.

she is kewl
she is so beautiful
words are not enough, thoughts just dont stop
i used to look at her every day, trying to impress her someway
until that day i ...

i passed by..
she said "hi"
i looked her way
didn't know what to say
then just walked away
i almost lost her that day

what did i do?
i acted like a fool
all she wanted is a friend
and i was simply trying to make it end
i was out of my mind
i wanted her to be mine
despite how i knew that it will soon end
i still acted like a fool
and tried to write the end
trying to make her mine ...

in the last moment sth stopped me just right before i wanted to grape the rose , sth told me i should keep it alive in my garden so i could enjoy its beauty , and thank god i agreed , my hands just stopped, and i left it in peace

now that rose is my friend, enjoying its beauty giving me such a relaxing and wonderful feeling and me trying to give it as much care as i can

Saturday, September 22, 2007

the 1337 country !!!

estimate 1 july 2007 : 50
50 ! for god sake !! with a density of 9.3/KM2
with a currency of "new Zealand dollar"
calling code : +64 .. i can imagine the numbers are +6401-+6450 (a phone number for each person)
Internet TLD : .Pl , coasts 100 dollar / year (expensive :P)
The Pitcairn Islands are the heaven , i must live there !

Friday, September 21, 2007

they are coming !

i woke up in the morning, i was happy and waiting for my friends whom are visiting from jordan, i was planing to take them to akka city, to see its old big wall for the first day .. so i made my self ready, drove the car to the bus station to pick them up then leave to um-khaled city to take a boat trip to akka.
i meet them, i was so happy to have them in my hometown , and we went all together to um-khaled, and started the boat trip, 3 hours later, the big walls of akka appeared to our sight, the guys were amazed how big it is .. it was very nice, they started to take pictures and talking about how wonderful it is..
we went to the walls, went to the highest floor of the first tower we meet , there was a sword man up there waiting, we talked to him, my friend sinan always loved to sword fight so he decided to stay and train a little bit with him , and we moved on on the wall .. we went down in the second tower, that tower contains a rehab for healing addicted ppl, we went down the stairs, to face 2 rooms there was a ncie lady setting there working on the pc , a man shouted from under (where the patients are) : here is another one we catched !! (and he put a girl on the stairs down, that girl looked emo with some blood on her face, we were shocked)
the lady said : okz good, we will bring her up to do some analysis , we must stop these ppl!
the man: okey, we will go hunting for others, getting more of them will help us fighting them better !
we asked the lady: whats going on ? , and she said: there are zombies going around in all the city , they are terrorizing ppl and killing them , they have a big thirst for blood, so we are trying to find a way to fight them back or to get red of them as fast as we can, in this facility we do blood tests, to see how they changed like that !
we were amazed, but the lady told us not to worry, they will protect us .. we left the tower .. and right before we left the gate, that zombie waked up, and looked at us directly with a very scary look .. and she started to run on the stairs toward us .. so we left in panic !! we run on the walls, i remember seeing sinan fighting with that sword man, and another guy next to them throwing arrows .. we shouted for their help and we run away from the tower , we took the first car back to my home town .. and it was empty ! when i left the car we devided into groups to look for help .. and i went alone to check on my family, and when i was going inside the house there was another zombie running after a girl in my city !, so i ran into my house, i remember the girl followed me, i went to the second floor , and i saw the girl hiding in the first one, and the zombie is coming up on the stairs .. i closed my eyes and hide my self , after a while i opened them and there she was in front of me, she screamed ...
i woke up in the morning ... !

(to be continued)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


through countless years my journey shall continue, and your image should be the only thing i keep remembering, searching for sth more worthy that i know deep inside i would never find ..