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Monday, November 26, 2007

The forest - my journy v-.3

The mighty orcs of the village of takuro'jui, loyally protecting the tree of life in the dark forest of morjuka from any outside attack, ruled by the royal family of nazerya, their queen fa6a, the daughter of luni a very well mannered queen with "curious" attentions.

The tree of life, containing the mouth of hell, the only gateway for a living immortal to get into the other life, being guarded by evil spirits living inside the tree for a long time, way before many gods were born and many heroes were proclaimed masters and kings, watching upon man kind from that tree, they can't leave the tree..

The village of takuro'jui, were not allowed into the tree, their task was to keep guarding it every day and night, their queen was always a very strong woman, with gr8 knowledge, fa6a being wise and powerful,a far sight philosopher and a good beautiful justice queen had only one problem, she was always curious, she wanted to get into that tree! evil spirits always knew that and wanted her to get in so they can be free and rule, the only key to the tree is held by the queen and only i can use it to control the spirits.

One night the evil spirits managed to mind-control one of the orc guards, and sent him as a messenger to encourage fa6a to get inside the tree , and she did , she was controlled by the spirits they used her .. they gave her ultimate powers that even some gods cant defeat, and gave her the knowledge they collected from a lot of man kind philosophers, a gr8 combination no one can defeat .. and her intentions went evil as the spirits wanted, she ruled her village to control lands after lands, and created a very large undefeated kingdom !

After i finished helping leo in his battle and granting him victory, i walked toward the forest .. and walked inside, i could sense the evil presence every where, a strange feeling , unlikely to be in such a peaceful forest, i saw an orc and asked him "take me to your master" , and he answered "she is in the castle of forestia, in the north side of the forest, near the tree of life" .. and i walked to her .

End of part 1.
(To be continued)
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