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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

sad as the rose of april

sad as a rose of April, waving at spring ..
waving goodbye for its heaven
and accepting its hell...
leaving her smile and bright face
and accepting death and paleness..
making her last look for her friends
and turning down to the ground of sadness ..
saying goodbye to the warm spring nights
and welcoming the hot summer days ...

a rose that lost hope
when you loose hope it gets dark
you just waste your energy in the wrong direction
you get exhausted .. and start hating your self

the right way is right there in front of you ,
there is a part in you, a part of the life around you that you love
you just didn't find, you just waste your days the wrong way

as the rose of April, living spring but afraid of the summer
as the man dying in 5 years, wasting his time being afraid of his end
as a lover hanging on the hope of his partner being unreachable

you might want to fly and look from another dimension
you might want to explore your self from another way
you might want to live again

sad as the rose of April
giving her sweet honey to the bees and not accepting the bee's gift of

giving its all energy just to end its life
sad as a rose of april , surrendered to this life

how i get lost in your eyes

it was the time we danced, all the crowd was staring at us, jealous of our beauty, the music was playing ..

"(Ooooh) if only you knew how much i do
i do love you
if only you knew how much i do
i do love you .."

we were dancing in a very beautiful rhythm .. flying on high clouds , forgetting all about the ppl surrounding us with their mysterious looks , only love was surrounding us , a great warm feeling that we wanna live for ever for the rest of our lives, we just hoped it will last for ever, and that moment we promised each other that we will try our best to make it last, once again the music echoed..

"(Ooooh) if only you knew how much i do
i do love you..."

once again we could feel the crowd around us, but this time it felts as if we were the queen and the king , and the crowds are our servants ... looking hopefully toward us , watching their rulers smiling giving them a hope in the future, i told her to live that moment , to feel that we live in a higher level all by our self with nothing but love and hopeful servants looking at us, we were the rulers in the kingdom of love , and once again the music echoed ..

"I can't sleep, tossing and turning
Girl you're all I'm thinking of
I been really in love.."

and the clock was counting down for the end of our dance, but the feelings were making every thing pass slowly, we didn't wanna leave those moments so we enjoyed them as much as we can .. the rhythm of our dance was going on until the last second of music , we stopped .. but our spirit of love went on, and shall keep going on , for i will never stop loving you babe .

Friday, December 7, 2007

me love subarus !

and ppl wonder why !!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

the forest part 2 - my journy v-.2

I reached the castle of forstia , it looked kinda familiar, there was 2 guards at the main gate, i asked them to allow me in because i wanted to see their master, one replied: "you are not allowed , you can't come in!", flashbacks started to come , a final big battle... now I can see that it was against the orcs ! , but why would I fight those people? And why Leo's army is almost completely annihilated in front of my eyes! , I started to get back to reality and asked the guards "is your master inside?", and someone shouted:"allow the stranger inside", so silently the guards opened the gate for me and I went in.

All the orcish inside the castle looked sad, I started wondering what would have happened? Were they defeated ... is their queen dead? , they guided me to the queen main room, and I got there she greeted me, she was as beautiful as they told me, with that lovely smile...

She said: "you came for the key didn't you?"

I: "am glad that you were expecting me your highness, I'll be grateful if you give it to me, so I can go on with my journey"

she: "you shall never get it !, this magical key am holding granted me powers I could never dream of !, and am not a fool to just give it to you, now get out of this forest and spare your life !"

I: "but weren't you expecting me?"

She: "no, ...I ... Do I know you" ... she was silent for a while and looked sad, then that smile embraced her face again and she said: "yes, and you are lucky that you are not dead so far, I shall keep this key and protect it with my life, now leave"

I left the castle and the forest, I started wondering:" should I give up my journey? Or should I move on to save mankind, am i really supposed to do this?".. And flashbacks started to come again.. Leo standing next to me, we are in a battle against the orcs .., then I thought the only way to get the key is to fight the queen and get it by force, so I decided to go to Leo.

Leo welcomed me and asked :"what brings you back my friend?"

I said: "I want help!"

he: "our lives are your well sir!", and the whole army hailed for me and for that, I told Leo the story and I told him that we must be ready for battle so he shouted at the army "get ready for another victory my men !", and then i felt relaxed, and got a great hope in this, though Leo looked worried, he told me in private that fa6a's army is outrageous, they ruled many lands so easily lately and I heard that they are vulnerable, god be with us in this one, there should be no special plans, she can see beyond every thing and our plans will fail easily to her, we must fight in an open land and risk every thing, we will fight like heroes, and its all going to be in god's hand.

I told him not to worry, we should accept destiny, and to asked him to trust in me and he replied :"that's why we fight my friend", we started preparing and choose a battle field not far away from her kingdom.

An old orcish came to us and told us: "she knows you are here preparing to fight her, and she is preparing to fight back, you are going to be an easy task for her, victory will never be yours so leave in peace!"

I: "old orcish, it's our destiny to fight, and let it choose what is best for us"

He: "destiny ? What an unfair domain of time, our destiny is to be controlled by this evil queen? And live sadly for ever?"

I: "why is that?"

He: "since she went inside that tree she enslaved us for strange desires, not known about the nazaria family! She went into wars to rule and control many peoples and land, that key she is holding changed every thing ..."

I: "that key is what I want, I am the only one who can control it, we shall get it, my destiny is to kill the evilness held by that key, can you help us?"

he: "destiny again?, destiny failed us young man, and am afraid its going to fail you too, leave in peace and leave the suffering for us.."

I: "old orcish, I promise you, you shall never suffer again after this battle, evil shall live no more!"

he left without a word, the next day in the morning a great army of orcish warriors appeared in the field, this is the day i said !, and the battle started, we fought well and almost finished their army, but they kept reviving and new orcish hordes kept coming every hour, their numbers started to grow enormously, and our men started to fall down on the ground, I started feeling defeat and said "this is it, we are loosing, destiny failed us..", but Leo replied : "my friend, destiny saved us once and it shall save us once again, don't worry, those men believed in you, I know that something is going to happen and save us al, I hope it happens soon"

the first day of the battle was over , we lost almost half of the army, we were 10 thousands against 50 thousands of them, they didn't loose a single orcish in the field, they all came back to life ..

End of part 2
To be continued

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