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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

how i get lost in your eyes

it was the time we danced, all the crowd was staring at us, jealous of our beauty, the music was playing ..

"(Ooooh) if only you knew how much i do
i do love you
if only you knew how much i do
i do love you .."

we were dancing in a very beautiful rhythm .. flying on high clouds , forgetting all about the ppl surrounding us with their mysterious looks , only love was surrounding us , a great warm feeling that we wanna live for ever for the rest of our lives, we just hoped it will last for ever, and that moment we promised each other that we will try our best to make it last, once again the music echoed..

"(Ooooh) if only you knew how much i do
i do love you..."

once again we could feel the crowd around us, but this time it felts as if we were the queen and the king , and the crowds are our servants ... looking hopefully toward us , watching their rulers smiling giving them a hope in the future, i told her to live that moment , to feel that we live in a higher level all by our self with nothing but love and hopeful servants looking at us, we were the rulers in the kingdom of love , and once again the music echoed ..

"I can't sleep, tossing and turning
Girl you're all I'm thinking of
I been really in love.."

and the clock was counting down for the end of our dance, but the feelings were making every thing pass slowly, we didn't wanna leave those moments so we enjoyed them as much as we can .. the rhythm of our dance was going on until the last second of music , we stopped .. but our spirit of love went on, and shall keep going on , for i will never stop loving you babe .


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