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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

sad as the rose of april

sad as a rose of April, waving at spring ..
waving goodbye for its heaven
and accepting its hell...
leaving her smile and bright face
and accepting death and paleness..
making her last look for her friends
and turning down to the ground of sadness ..
saying goodbye to the warm spring nights
and welcoming the hot summer days ...

a rose that lost hope
when you loose hope it gets dark
you just waste your energy in the wrong direction
you get exhausted .. and start hating your self

the right way is right there in front of you ,
there is a part in you, a part of the life around you that you love
you just didn't find, you just waste your days the wrong way

as the rose of April, living spring but afraid of the summer
as the man dying in 5 years, wasting his time being afraid of his end
as a lover hanging on the hope of his partner being unreachable

you might want to fly and look from another dimension
you might want to explore your self from another way
you might want to live again

sad as the rose of April
giving her sweet honey to the bees and not accepting the bee's gift of

giving its all energy just to end its life
sad as a rose of april , surrendered to this life


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