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Saturday, January 26, 2008


I didnt write here for a while, been busy with my family, it was kinda fun ! but annoying, i never got a good sleep at night because of the little space i have in my appartment and the big number of visitors that were here !!

I should have gone to palestine this month, but i didnt get to , I have some stuff to do here, and going there will kill my time !!, though staying here will make me depressed but I will try to pass by.. ehh

the new year been fine so far, I made my new word "cih" , it stand for "City In Hind (india)", which was the meaning of the almighty word "bah" , so am using cih as a substitute

sth got my attention the other day, a new moda is out there , girls wearing arabic scarfs .. the palestinian blakc and white one can be beautiful on girls, life in black and white could be good somehow !

I think this is it for now, short useless post , but better than nothing , is it ?

cih anyway



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