through countless years, a lazy life series

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my friend is alive

my friend was killed, a gun pointed to her heart !, he pulled his trigger, now she is dead
my friend is down, my friend is destroyed , my friend lost her self again
my friend, don’t cry if he is not back tomorrow, carry on as if history never existed
my friend said:
good bye, going to leave you all behind, and face my end the only truth that exists to me now, I didn’t want to die, now i wish am never born, my baby finished it all, finished me so soon.

my friend we shall always be by your side, we will never let you drown
my friend, dont live in your hole, defeat that mole controlling you and survive
my friend, life is hard , its bitter and sweet , life is fake and sometimes we cant tell which is which
my friend said:
my life was him, he was my home, now am just a poor girl , disturbed with thunder and lightening all around, he loved me and left me to die, and the wind is so strong i cant stand

my friend, you are strong enough to defeat that all.
my friend, what matter is you , and you only is what you need to live
my friend, the sun shall rise again, and the wind will go away
my friend, the thunder will be deaf soon and the lightening blind to find you
my friend, his gun will dissolve and the bullet will disappear
my friend, nothing really matters as you can see..


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