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Saturday, March 8, 2008

I dont want to see you go

dont you want to hold me baby , dissapointed , going crazy
dont you want me to roam with your eyes and find you baby
dont you want to left me with your smile and make me high
dont you want me to reach the sky with you; in my arms
dont you want us to enlight the sun of our earth again
dont you want us to change the world and revive civilization
dont you want to hold me baby, afraid, feeling lonely
dont you want me to run baby, from this world sufferings
dont you want to save me baby, I think I am going crazy

Living my life, ppl dying all around, life is over .. vampires every where sucking our life, enjoying our blood and dining our flesh, God save us !

Visions of distruction, visions of you are not being by my side, visions of a world without you , snakes dancing and spreaing their poison, bullits flying wild , cant find you, cant hold you.

There you are standing, all the destruction around you, you are still a lovely rose, run away with me now, lets hold each other and fly , lets reach for God and cry ! , lets scream in the sky...
GOD SAVE US ! , the world is going wrong, nature cant survive us..

You were there, beside the night ... every one is dead, but all I want is you, love comes from inside and no matter what is around you will be with me, and I will never be away.

Children cry, afraid from their future, afraid of being killers, afraid of living this monstorious life in which you have to kill to survive, in which you have to die to live, in which your heart must be black and all you would care about is money and a happy life, all you would care about is wearing our skins and eating our flesh, drinking our blood and walking on our bodies, a world where all you care about is being on top.

You just left me there alone , you just made me die to the ground , you've become one of them and you are living on the top .. you left me alone, no one to hold me now, no one to fly with me to the sky , no one to survive me, no one to live for.

Every body knows that we are going crazy, every body know that we are in war with land and all its creatures, every body knows we are all alone, every body knows the cure, every body is a killer.

Enjoying my pain ? my pain is humanity , humanity is over .. welcome to the machine world (: , and you my love, are the worst machine.


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