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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Story girl

Inspired by god's most beautiful creation, N.I

Story girl

more cute than Cinderella, more beautiful than snow white, creating the most beautiful story in my life, she taught me how it feels to be alive, how it feels to make people around you smile, sacrificing all the time.

her story is so amazing, it never made me bored, and i would love to see her living that story and creating it moment by moment, i am sure i missed a lot so far, but it doesn't matter, i am lucky i was able to find her lovely story...

a story of happiness, of beauty of cuteness, of innocence, words are not enough to describe her, i am sure i will never find enough words to describe that amazing girl, and what ever i write, she deserves more, and am surely not good enough to write her story for you

a story that makes every one happy, a story that should go on forever into history for the beauty of its hero, nour, a wonderful tone, an eternal music that shall never stop, a kids story, a passion story that every lover would enjoy.

she is not a regular story girl, she lives sadness, and she lives happiness, but she hides her feelings so every one could get happy, ppl around her, and ppl reading her story, and still, there are ppl evil enough to dare to hurt her and make her sad

a story created by god, creating its amazing creature, and making her life a wonderful story, that still miss a writer, a guy who could tell all the world about her beauty, about her smile, about her full of life face, about her ... million of books could be written, and a reader shall never get bored.

starting on 19th/11, her story began, a beautiful baby every one loved, every one enjoyed carrying in his arms, she grew up a kid full of passion and emotions, having fun at her life, creating more and more lucky friends, she still felt loneliness .. a cruel world

I wish I could hold you, and save you from this world, keeping you happy, protecting you for ever, sacrificing my life for that.

Every thing beautiful you hear or see will remind you of her, she is like a beautiful music you hear when you are happy or when you are sad, she is like beautiful nature making you relaxed … she is like a warm night making you enjoy life, she is like every thing beautiful, more beautiful than any poem or novel.

she's been living her life in the humans land, leaving fantasy lands for this humble world, bringing beauty and happiness to every creature

god's most beautiful creature, angels are jealous of our world for having her, they even come to gather around her all the time forgetting about all the crisis in this world

i am glad that am a human because she is, and i was one of the most lucky humans in life to be with her at the same college, to meet her, to feel her smile..., that surely made me alive, that made me enjoy life in a way i never knew!, god bless you nour

Friday, August 29, 2008

Norman Finkelstein talking about Hezbollah

This video is pretty interesting and deserves watching, cheers.

Norman Gary Finkelstein [Wikipedia] (born December 8, 1953) is an American political scientist and author, whose primary fields of research are the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the politics of the Holocaust. A graduate of SUNY Binghamton, he received his Ph.D in Political Science from Princeton University. He has held faculty positions at Brooklyn College, Rutgers University, Hunter College, New York University, and most recently, DePaul University, where he was an assistant professor from 2001 to 2007.

On May 23, 2008 Finkelstein was denied entry to Israel because, according to unnamed Israeli security officials, of suspicions that "he had contact with elements 'hostile' to Israel". Finkelstein was questioned after his arrival at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv and placed on a flight back to Amsterdam, his point of origin. Officials said that the decision to deport Finkelstein was connected to his anti-Zionist opinions and criticism of Israel. He was banned from entering Israel for 10 years

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A new god born in india

His name is Keron i guess, he was born in India, he is a little kid born with 2 heads :/, I wonder if he will survive or not.
But in India, those kinds of kids are believed to be gods ! and already over 150k person have gathered around the hospital where the baby was born trying to look at him or get blessed or what ever :S.
Anyway, I just hope that the kid lives somehow and the people to leave him alone (for a while at least) then discuss the god thingy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yahoo®, anouncing war on microsoft?

Today i opened my Internet explorer and the homepage was Yahoo... check the picture:

  • Make Y! your home page
  • So, seems that Yahoo! didn't like the offer Microsoft made to buy that big company, and they declared a war against Microsoft products ! ... or it is simply that they loved Firefox 3, who knows !.

    Son of the river

    this is chapter 2 of my story "Swimming up the current" which I wrote long time ago! Hope you'll enjoy.

    Son of the river

    The same scenario occurred and the boy got the letter, and of course he loved the idea, he sent a message down the stream telling the guy down the river that he will start moving in 4 days which mean that they will meat after 6 days according to their calculations.

    And so he did, he left his family after 4 days without telling them, he didn't feel any sorrow regarding that, he was so connected to the river that he didn't care about his family, his life was centered around the river and what it could provide to him, he walked and walked, two days passed and nothing .. nothing changed, still the same trees animals and water but no one around, he kept walking for four days without any trace of anyone or any guy, the silence that surrounded him made him feel scared he couldn't go on anymore so he decided to go back, on the way the river was his only companion, eating its fish and drinking its water and four days passed on his way back home.

    Still no signals "I didn't change my course! I should be home by now ..." those thoughts made him more and more afraid, by the fourth day noon he reached the area where he lived! Where he used to play, write his letters… but there was no one, he was sure of it! He couldn't find his house, he wept... he went to the village but no one there, he spent that day by the river thinking, then for days he walked up the river , down the river, but no one would appear, he is all alone now.

    Time passed, he couldn't realize how much, his loss was so big that he stopped counting days, and finally he decided to stop and start living again... he built a new house where his family used to live, he lived by the river and it became the only thing that takes care of him, he grew up, years have passed in which the river didn't change its current direction, it kept going down, he became the son of the river for it was his father, mother and all family, all the world.

    He started to forget about his family until that day when he woke up with this strange feeling of sorrow and longing for his family, he went out of the house and saw something he haven't seen for a while, the river was going up in a very angry way !, he stared at it and there was a bottle !, he rushed toward it with feelings of fear and confusion, he opened the bottle, a message inside, it was his family this time "help us son, you must find us, we are you are only family and we love you", there was a symbol down the message it was the letter M inside a circle drawn in a creepy way, the symbol glowed and dark smoke started to go out from it, it filled the area around him, he felt paralyzed, it kept going out until the sky turned dark, the weather chilly and the water so warm, he felt so lonely like never before, he lost his mind he loves no one now, he has no feelings, he is just a figure standing by a river within a dark sky, the son of the river is lost.

    End of chapter 2
    ...To be continued