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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HDD inside

We were working today on our graduation project (me, staiii and walko) which is a mobile wireless adhoc network (MANET), we got to buy some hardware, we went to fundirectory to pick it up, when we got back home we discovered that its not the hardware that we wanted ! so we got back there to get a replacement and by the time we were home again it was 11 sth pm, too late to do anything but to dis-assemble a hard disk! (This is not the first time I do it, but it was the first one with a camera on hand).
It was fun.
We engraved our own tracks on the plate inside :P, it was crystal clear,now its .. full of scratches :D, actually tracks, because the scratching was done while it was on and rotating, yea, it has a pretty strong motor! Enjoy the pics:
The reading head, looks like a crocodile.
The plate before touching it.
The plate after some tweaking :P
The throne of the plate.
The plate in peace.
The plate in war! with our screw driver engraving tracks on it :P.

Whats next?
The plate is gonna go on someones car, or its just gonna be used as a weapon for rising robots !
The head is gonna be made as a nickles, in case you forgot sth you put it on your head and it will read your brain data and get it our for you! , anyone interested ? cheap prices :D


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