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Friday, November 7, 2008

One piaster every body

One piaster every body, one piaster for each SMS !
I guess this is a good reason to start my blog again ...

Yea, that's the new way of sucking our money! The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (wezaret tantheem qe6a3 el e6esala6?) is now taking one piaster for each SMS delivary report you recieve, so go on and disable those! You don't need an SMS delivary report, believe me it will get there!

UPDATE: (source Jordan times) , hooray :D , anyway it still sux ! like, if it didn't violate that law, it would have been there , and no body would reject! Cheers.

Mobile phone operators to stops charging 10 fils per SMS delivery report

AMMAN (Petra) - Mobile phone operators announced on Thursday that they will stop charging subscribers 10 fils per SMS delivery report as of Sunday. The decision was announced during a meeting yesterday headed by Minister of Industry and Trade Amer Hadidi and attended by Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Chief Commissioner Ahmad Hiyasat and representatives of the Kingdom’s four mobile operators. The decision stipulates that each operator should individually decide how to address the issue in the future in accordance with the competition and telecommunications laws. The fee considered a violation of the competition law, according ministry’s competition directorate.