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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alton towers tour

I am in UK at the moment, visiting my brother, we've planned many trips and today was Alton towers day, an amazing experience I hope every one could try ! I'd thought I'd share some of this experience with you guys, so here goes:

Alton towers is a theme park built around an old rock above a nice hill in a village called Alton. Very beautiful nature in there and AMAZING theme park that mostly have nice roller coasters ! Which I love the most, first let me start with some snapshots of the nature of the place:

I guess the pictures speak for them self, the place is HUGE and amazingly beautiful (:.

The rides:
First .. unfortunately we tried a very amazing and scary ride :P. I forgot it's name but basically, it goes high then stands 90 degrees heading towards the ground, and free falls ! into the ground the continues on a track, fast .. really fast and creepy !, here is a picture of the track and a video of the ride:

Second big ride was, the hex. It's a family ride that explains some spooky story about the rock in the theme park. what was interesting about it is that you enter the last room, you set on some chairs and the room start rotating ! at first it starts rising up and down then complete rotations ! and u are upside down and u don't feel much that u are rotating like other games, i dunno why, maybe because its a large thing that is rotating. I was laughing so hard there cause of that :P rotating and not feeling it much !

Third one , was Ritta, a normal coaster train but what is special about it, it launches really fast at the beginning ! check the video to see what I mean ;) . Also a picture that shows parts of the track:

Then, there was a roller coaster called thirteen, its a new one, opened 3 days ago only and it has a very nice trick :D . I don't wanna spoof it for you so if you really want to know it :P just let me know by chat ;)

Next one was a hell ride ! called nemesis, i guess the pictures would speak for them self:
And the track:
Simply, check this video on youtube to feel the ride ;).

Last big one is called Air, simply u are upside down in the ride, and turning in all direction :P , I will let the video explain:

These are the rides I liked the most, many more I just don't have the time to write or upload about . I guess its enough so far, we were there at 9 am and we left at 5 pm even though we rushed to every place and I guess we still didn't cover it all :P , so yea, a very nice place for a 2 days vacation or something, if you are going to UK, Alton towers is a must!