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Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's amazing how much you can do in a 350m^2 backyard. Am talking about planting.
I am now on vacation, visiting my family in Palestine, am talking about their backyard. They have 7 raws of trees, each has ~6 trees in it. Ranging from all kinds of citrus tree (Oranges, Lemons, Mandarin, Valencia..etc), to apples, annonas, bananas, almonds, mangoes ...etc.
There are also vegetables, they change every year, this year we have eggplants, chillies and some greens.

It includes some hard work, at the beginning u have to do a lot of watering, and if u do that manually, u have to deal with wild plants; those are a pain in the arse ! Specially when they have needles on them. We use some techniques for watering that supplies water to all trees at once. Yet, this is not enough. Some trees require more / less water, so u have to deal with them manually, Specially in their season of fruit. You also have to deal with nutrition for the trees, bugs and tree diseases.

The outcome, its just amazing !, right now it's the season of guavas, banana, apples, and all kind of citrus trees. Other than the vegetables of course. It's amazing to get every day sth like 6kg of fruits from the backyard, going there in the morning, looking at the trees and collecting their goods, having a great fruit breakfast, makes it worth all the trouble you go through to reach this result. In the link below you can see pictures of the back yard, trees and fruits. Enjoy (:

I hope that I will have some nice yard in my place as well.


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