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Monday, June 6, 2011

Germany speaks SOAD!

In the last weekend I was in Rock am Ring, a rock festival held annually in Germany. You can find more details in Wikipedia page. Talking a little about the experience, it was great overall. The camping was sucky, you'd enjoy that if you had a large group of friends or was really drunk. Both of which I didn't have. However, watching rock concerts live is just amazing, much better than I expected or what you'd expect from watching videos online. I'd leave the details for you guys for whence u try it (:.
In most of the concerts the audience would sing some parts of the songs or the major songs of the band they are attending. However, in System of a down the situation was different. I was in the audience and I swear I barely heard Serj or Daron singing! It was all the audience, singing every single word in the lyrics! Just amazing! I am gonna watch the concert again on YouTube to know what the hell the band sang :P.
I am pretty sure if you ask the audience if they speak English, 70% of them would say no! But when it comes to System of a down, they fucking do perfectly (:.
I will leave u with a video from the concert, hope YouTube won't take the vods out soon for legal issues.


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