through countless years, a lazy life series

Monday, May 14, 2007

"that girl", my queen

An old post thought you might wanna read too:
Through my wanderings in life I saw many smiles and heard many laughs .. none of them ever distracted me or took my attention, until "that girl" smiled, I never got as much amazed, the most beautiful thing ever, I never thought humans could fly without tools until that day! I flew with her smile to fantasy lands, places were no immortal ever reached.
In the land of the sparkling lights her eyes were queens .. endlessly deep and charming, flowers and roses cant wait to see them smiling creating wonder land gardens, I got lost in her eyes .. and I just hoped I am never found.
In the land of wisdom, her mouth was a god, so wise, so brief and so relaxing .. more harmonic than any son in any life, more warm than a guitar playing its best songs, it can bring you happiness and it can create sorrow, with many brief beautiful words.
In the land of cuteness, her cheeks were the sun and the moon, shining in the summers sky and bright in a clear and warm spring night, when they blush you feel the innocence of this life, more cute than the cutest kid ever, they will just make you love life (:.
Her lips are most charming, putting your lips on hers will proclaim you a god , a master , a ruler and a wise man, kissing her will give you a strange life and powers and will make you a slave for her, respectful and loving J, you would wish not to ever stop kissing her.
A face full of life, perfectly shaped.. the most beautiful thing I ever saw angels were jealous of her beauty even demons would be shocked by it.
Her smile is a secret magic, it gave me a life no voodoos could ever create, a most beautiful life experience I'll never forget and won’t ever have, her smile is a queen of charming, god bless "that girl" , my queen (:.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A day walk into life

I was walking by the river of my life, i was bored that day, and wanted to refresh some of my old memories, beautiful ones.

The river was calm and relaxing, some white water and some black, some shinny and some dark, some life giving and some is dead! a very weird combination that made me think how life had affected my pure river which had started purely from one source on the day of my birth.

Every one is born clean and pure , life just screw us with its trash or enrich us with shinny and life giving spirits. I tried to look for the different sources feeding my river and my soul I tried to get to bad ones, luckily most of them were closed, I just couldn’t remember for how long they affected my river …

I saw some rocks inside the river, I saw some really beautiful areas full of flowers and roses , my friends were very pure sources of water, creating very beautiful gardens around each one.

I saw my enemies, trying to dig holes, and steal my water, trying to make it worse, trying to through rocks, destroying the beautiful gardens .. trying to steal the life of my river. But they never managed to succeed, my river always been strong and protected it self, spirits were guarding it very well.

I saw some animals drinking from my river, taking some of my memories and my old life, but I was happy, giving them life, some times they helped taking some bad parts of the water and some rocks, making my river more pure and beautiful (:.

My soul was roaming over the water, looking at me and smiling, she was happy to go back into memories with me like a little kid meeting his mom, she was getting from the water and trying to be more and more happy , ignoring the bad water, looking at her made me so happy (:, my soul consist of this water, its just get abused some time because of some bad water.

I was shocked when I saw the most beautiful source in my river, so shinny and beautiful water, full of shinny colors :D, makes any one looking at it happy, animals smiling, soul doesn’t want to leave it , a very beautiful garden I bet is as beautiful as the garden of Eden, that source was my religion, and the Quran , I couldn't be as happy and more happy seeing such a very beautiful scene!.

You might be wondering why I didn’t go into the future, I just don’t wanna screw it , let it come as is , and I will make sure I'll enjoy it and make it so beautiful (:.

Ever one can be pure again, we just have to look for our dark side and sources and try to stop them, every one should journey back by his river and try. We should be pure to live happily in peace, as humans going into the same one sea and destination (:.