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Sunday, July 22, 2007

I would like to breath again

Writing my first blog here in my home land of tulkarm in Palestine , it feels so great I wanted this blog to be something special but I think typing it in my home land is special enough.
My home land , my childhood and my dreams, my life .. every thing around is just beautiful, it feels so alive to be here, I really feel like am breathing again, how much beautiful are the moments I spent in here when I was a child , even the hard times like when I used to work at dad's farm collecting chicken eggs or grapping orange fruits and selling them at the market, or the fun times like when we used to run away from school with friends and go to mountains to hunt some snakes or grab some fruits, and even on holy days we used to go there for BBQs.
The breath of my city was the first thing i breathed ever when i was born, and I would love to breath again .. be a child again , just live here again !.


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