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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

friendship lasts for ever

i looked at her and i saw the most wonderful flower in my garden, with very strange colors i never saw before, and a smell you could sense meters away, i loved that rose and i wanted to pick it up and make it next to me in my house.

it was standing in the garden, all alone, like a hero who lost his army in the battle but finally won,i noticed butterflies flying around it , enjoying its beautiful smell and it was giving them as much as it can and taking nothing in return, beautiful from the outside , amazing from the inside it was. despite the stings(thrones) around its neck , i didn't stop and went to pick it up.

she is kewl
she is so beautiful
words are not enough, thoughts just dont stop
i used to look at her every day, trying to impress her someway
until that day i ...

i passed by..
she said "hi"
i looked her way
didn't know what to say
then just walked away
i almost lost her that day

what did i do?
i acted like a fool
all she wanted is a friend
and i was simply trying to make it end
i was out of my mind
i wanted her to be mine
despite how i knew that it will soon end
i still acted like a fool
and tried to write the end
trying to make her mine ...

in the last moment sth stopped me just right before i wanted to grape the rose , sth told me i should keep it alive in my garden so i could enjoy its beauty , and thank god i agreed , my hands just stopped, and i left it in peace

now that rose is my friend, enjoying its beauty giving me such a relaxing and wonderful feeling and me trying to give it as much care as i can


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