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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

they are coming ! 2/2

i woke up in the morning , it was the day my friends should be coming to my hometown city , was i dreaming ? .. i checked the date again and asked my family and it was surely the same day ! ehh what a strange dream ! , i made my self ready , and left to the bus station waiting for my friends .. things were going smoothly as it did in the dream , we left my city to umkhaled town, and took the boat to reach akka , when we saw the walls of akka, the same pictures i remember from my dream kept coming by .. the view of the city and the high wall from the sea is like printed in my mind ! .. is tarted to get worried , whats going on ?!
we went into the city, and went to the walls, we went up the first tower and there was that sword-oldman setting on the last floor, and again sinan wanted to go for some sword fighting, this time he was professional, they were fighting like fantasy movies heroes jumping all around from a tower to a tower, and even down to the ground and up the tower again !
there was a bow on the ground and my friend waleed said he wants to try some throwing, so he stayed there, i started to feel worried, 2 sword men fighting as in the dream and a guy shooting with a bow ! .. i ran directly to the second tower, and looked down .... and there he was , that man graping that girl again and putting her paralyzed on the stairs down the tower ! , i panicked ! , i went back to warn my friends , but sinan was so busy sword fighting i couldn't catch him ! and waleed wasnt there, i shouted "leave this place right now !" , and i went directly back to my town to warn them ...
i woke up again ! , but this time i was in egypt, in sharmelsheikh hotel room ! .. was it all a dream ? i was confused for 5 minutes "where is reality !!"


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