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Monday, March 31, 2008


I always listened to this song played by tori amos, it was great .. but today I found out that it is a cover for "The cure" band ! , well, also today I found another cover (which personally I think is the best of them) done by my friend Luna :D , (keep up the good work lu !) , check it out guys:

This crazy world

Floating in the sky and looking down at earth, this crazy world I have been living, am sure every one down there is jealous of me, because they all want to be free and leave that mess.
Getting into the higher level, its amazing how caring the people in the sky are ! They don't even need a master to rule (mind-wash) them, they are not sick trying to prove that they are better than others, all they do is working harder and helping each other to create a better place.
A dream, there is no such a thing called "people in the sky" nor can I fly ... Its all a dream, and how many dreams we had seemed lovely and easily approached but we just stood there doing nothing toward them and surrendered, simply we can't fly.
Slaves we are to our simple desires, we think we are using our minds but really we are using them only to serve our desires no more,we try to free our selves with achieving some works but in the end of the day, we go thinking how should we brag about that the next day, thinking that we advanced one level toward freedom but really we are becoming more slaves to our desires by that, we need a master, we need him to replace our desires and guide us the right way, guide us to work, we need to be come machines !.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


The other part of the story comes here ..
First, the doggy !, saying hi too.
Second, the pool ? .. ehh
Third, the birds !
Fourth, the dead doll ! , the voodoo doll :| , be aware...

ADs war

I was looking at the news paper today and sth got my attention, a new ADs war seems, .. well, zain (a new GSM provider working in Jordan) started a new propaganda for its new offer , called (zain 5) , in which you can talk to 5 people on their network for free all day long, and you pay 5 piasters for each call on anyother phone in their network, and you pay 1 JD per week as a fee, here are the ADs:

Umnia (another GSM company working in Jordan) seems to not like that offer, because they had sth way better to offer ! , and they replied to zain propaganda with nice ADs, .. and they started the war (wonder what will happen later, but surely the users will enjoy it !). in umnia offer, you can talk to 10 ppl in their network for free all day long, your call to any other number is only 1 piaster ! and you pay only 1-jd a month ! , thats what I call an offer !, here are their ADs:

Friday, March 28, 2008


My friend's back today was hurting him, so he went to a pharmacy to get this red stick they put in hurting areas and the pain goes away.
He asked my brother to put it on for him, and said:"sho hal qa63a hay , elly el wa7ad bes2al shab y7o6elo lazq 3al daher o ydalko ! law kha6eb kan kha6ebty ajat be 7eneye dalakatly eyaha o lazaqatha !, yel3an el thol" (in english: I need a girl sympathy ! :P)
I was like:"if you stayed in england, many girls would have come to do it for you !"
He said:"yea its there for ....etc :P"

Thinking about it, ya 7eneyet banat ya balash ! ,ramy .. go for the ubunto friend finder thingy :P.
Let it be - sudo cat /world/jordan | grep grils -18 - blonde (an example :P)

Btw, summer save time started .. argh !

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Algorithms fall down

Basel mahafza, our Algorithms tutor, let me tell you that you made the biggest mistake in your life by teaching algorithms in my university for if you have any knowledge in life am sure it has nothing to do with algorithms!
You made the midterm exam on the 23ed of march, and it was the time to show your stupidity , making that a multiple choice exam online, containing eleven questions that a 9th class school students would be ashamed to solve!, and you tried to be on top by showing that you are a real genius! when you dared to put this question about getting the largest element in a descending array and you trustfully thought it would have a constant complexity and it would be solved in a constant time, well guess what !, computers are not clever enough to know that.
You just didn’t stop there, and thought that you should shine again... This time with the question about the multi-dimensional array of (n*n) elements, that has only (n) elements! , you once again thought that the pc would be clever enough to recognize that and solve the problem in a linear time! And your justification was... the other elements are empty, are zeros!

Well, allow me sir to welcome you for you are a:
Real life member of genius
Today we salute you Mr. Basel Mahafze, for you made new theories in algorithms that no one ever dared to talk about or mention , fix me !, you gave us a new standard for IDIOCY ! You don’t care about students or criticism, you don’t care... all you want is to be a genius, you don’t want nothing right or make sense, so go ahead and spread your theories, and don’t worry if nobody listened to you because you are still a winner at stupidity.

Your definitely not Alonzo Church and you are hoping that people would have sympathy for you and your theories, and you didn't stop, you kept arguing that you are right, and that makes you the real life member of genius ! A REAL MEMBER OF GENIUS, so stand up and be recognized and send your theories to every university out there and shine.

But let me tell you, when you want to get the maximum value in an array you will still do (n) number of comparisons, weather it is descending or not, an algorithm is an algorithm, and you can’t consider that a constant time, so I believe that you should go teach your theories somewhere else Mr. !

Sunday, March 23, 2008


A journey in thulail :P in the wild west of jordan desert .. was fun! :

Sleepy after eating.

The chinesse smiling dude being cooked !
Still sleepy after eating ..

The dudes !, am good at taking photos :P
Preparing a drink?.. water

The "shocked" pose

In the hands of the mass-killer .. walko !

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kiss symphony alive

Back in 2003 , Kiss band went to australia and performed live alont with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, funny thing is that the whole orchestra players put on a makeup just like the Kiss band uses ! , they are amzing, enjoy this song (love gun) from the album:

Friday, March 14, 2008

The forest part 3

(my journey v-0.3)

At the night we sat down, me and Leo, and started thinking .. all we want is the key, all this battle, all this death just for it ! And fa6a her self didn't appear, we should do something else to get the key, this is not working.

That old orcish showed up again and said: "you were brave today humans, you fought a hopeless battle for a single belief that might not even be true, what a bravery, for that I shall help you ... I feel like I am alive again and I know how great it feels to live for a cause and am living for one now, helping you, I am willing to spare my life for that ! Now we shall start the real work , the queen never leaves her castle so we have to get inside to get the key, the three of us, its our only hope .."

-I said: "thank you old orcish, seems you are really our only hope, how could we do that?"

-The old orcish:"we shall get into the forest now and tomorrow morning when the battle starts there should be few orcs guarding the castle, we should get to the queen easily".

And that’s what we did, Leo gathered his men and ordered them to fight to the last drop of blood the next day, he assign a new leader for them and said goodbye as if he was never coming back.

I wished that they could last long enough the next day to get us into the castle before the orcish army comes back victorious from the battle, the old orcish guided us into the forest and asked us to stay under a tree until he comes back in the morning, I had to believe that old orcish because i knew he was our only hope and I felt that this is what I should do.

Leo was speechless, he was kinda sad for leaving his army back, he said in a distrust tone: “we are gonna get the key .. we should get it, I smiled and told him not to worry.

Meanwhile the evil spirits could sense that a big danger is coming toward them, but luckily they were stupid enough to think it was the battle so they ordered fa6a to send the whole army the next day to end this as soon as possible, they overwhelmed fa6a with more power and trust in her self so she did.

That night I had a dream, I float in the sky and the ink left the paper, and then I was able to talk to DEATHARTIST, he was so busy thinking so he didn’t pay much attention to me, after hours of crying at him, he told me that am gonna die the next day so i better lay back in the paper so he could continue my story, so I did, he was annoying.

The morning has shined and the old orcish appeared in our sight, "this is it, I hope he has a good plan on his mind" said Leo and I agreed, he started telling us that we have to be quick, there is no way to get inside forestia except from the main gate so I will distract the guards there until you get in and then, you are on your own, you have been in the castle before and you should manage to get to fa6a, moments later we heard the battle drums, its time we went to the castle, the old orcish lead our way to the castle, he managed to move the guards away so soon, seems he was so respected there and so we got in.

Forestia was really empty, I was able to reach fa6a's room so easily, she was shocked to see us ! So were the evil spirits guarding the mouth of hell, she tried to run away but Leo attacked her and managed to throw the key to me, the orcs in the battle could feel that their queen being threatened so they rushed back into the forest leaving the rest of Leo's army in peace.

I could feel them coming, the castle was shaking, they were in very large numbers so I rushed into the forest of morjuka .. I could feel the evil spirits, and visions started to come back ...

My soul was there this time, we were walking side by side, she started to tell me about my life, about how good I did so far, it was a real nice chat , I was wondering what that place was, and what happened to the forest.
My soul started to get away .."This is the time I have to leave you" , she said.
Is that it? Am I dead? Is this really what it feels like to die? , my soul cried for help ! I saw evil spirits roaming around her, she was trapped in hell, they key started to shine and I was speechless, I couldn't realize what is happening .. My soul is in hell.
Evil spirits were screaming because of that shinny light and started asking me for mercy, but then I was soulless body, the key kept shining until all the evil spirits vanished, some other smiley spirits came by that light , spirits of the soldiers who died in the battle, those all were set free, but my soul was not there ..

I got back into reality, I stood there for hours doing nothing, Leo came to me running and screaming out of joy, "A MIRACLE ! All the soldiers came back to life and the orcs are celebrating being free and the heal of their queen fa6a ! , So what is next brother?"

Its time to say goodbye, I have to go into hell after my soul, I have to die, greetings to the army and to the orcs, may peace always be with you, salam brother ..

The key shined and float with me into the mouth of hell, and there was my soul waiting for me,, we meet again and we continued together ... My journey.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The unsolvable freecell game

I am sure most of you guys know that game or played it before, but in case you didn't, you can read its wiki page
This game is really ammusing , but some times it is annoying :P, I am playing the windows and I reached (what I think) is a un-solvable stage ! it is really hard, if you are bored , you should try it, game number : 11982
Good luck (:

Update: thats where i got in the game, I cant think of anyway to get further ! :/ :

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The forest part 3 -- coming soon

The end of my adventure at the forest of morjuka is coming soon, how I got into the mouth of hell and reached the other world, and how the war ended with fa6a shall be all revealed.
My journy
The forest part 1
The forest part 2

"the master of the dark forest of morjuka, the leader of the mighty orc village of takuro'jui , the wise and powerful, the far sight philosopher , the good and beautiful justice queen, being conceived by evil spirits she managed to rule her ppl to victorious glory taking control of a wide land and ruling many generations, she ,now with the ultimate powers of gods, the infinite wisdom of oracles, is here to conquer ! ph34r h3r !."

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I dont want to see you go

dont you want to hold me baby , dissapointed , going crazy
dont you want me to roam with your eyes and find you baby
dont you want to left me with your smile and make me high
dont you want me to reach the sky with you; in my arms
dont you want us to enlight the sun of our earth again
dont you want us to change the world and revive civilization
dont you want to hold me baby, afraid, feeling lonely
dont you want me to run baby, from this world sufferings
dont you want to save me baby, I think I am going crazy

Living my life, ppl dying all around, life is over .. vampires every where sucking our life, enjoying our blood and dining our flesh, God save us !

Visions of distruction, visions of you are not being by my side, visions of a world without you , snakes dancing and spreaing their poison, bullits flying wild , cant find you, cant hold you.

There you are standing, all the destruction around you, you are still a lovely rose, run away with me now, lets hold each other and fly , lets reach for God and cry ! , lets scream in the sky...
GOD SAVE US ! , the world is going wrong, nature cant survive us..

You were there, beside the night ... every one is dead, but all I want is you, love comes from inside and no matter what is around you will be with me, and I will never be away.

Children cry, afraid from their future, afraid of being killers, afraid of living this monstorious life in which you have to kill to survive, in which you have to die to live, in which your heart must be black and all you would care about is money and a happy life, all you would care about is wearing our skins and eating our flesh, drinking our blood and walking on our bodies, a world where all you care about is being on top.

You just left me there alone , you just made me die to the ground , you've become one of them and you are living on the top .. you left me alone, no one to hold me now, no one to fly with me to the sky , no one to survive me, no one to live for.

Every body knows that we are going crazy, every body know that we are in war with land and all its creatures, every body knows we are all alone, every body knows the cure, every body is a killer.

Enjoying my pain ? my pain is humanity , humanity is over .. welcome to the machine world (: , and you my love, are the worst machine.

I like this clip

The idea is just amazing:
Song: The honking antelope
Artist: Serj Tanakian

Ps. a lot might not like the music

Friday, March 7, 2008

We speak your language

Or do you ? ,this picture was taken in germany, guys check the arabic version of the sentense, can anyone read it ?
Well, let me give you a hint , read it from left to right ;)

(thanks to sinan for the picture)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A nice subaru ad.

Nice , aren't they? As you can see, the pictures show whats inside the car too !
First pic: subaru liberty is the Australian version of subaru legacy / B4. ?(mi fav. car!)
Second pic: the well-known impreza.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Practicing peace

God bless Israel, practicing peace and killing that little girl, she was simply gonna change to a TERRORIST and tries to free her self from the Israeli occupation.

God bless Israel, changing our lifes into misery, making us apreciate life more and more, trying to enjoy it what ever it was, and we are really doing that.

God bless Israel, showing us how lovely it is to be free, and how working on that could be your ultimate life goal, and that you won't ever regret that.

One man's heaven is anothers hell. And we are living hell now, lets hope Israel is living its heaven.


Hope you are, because those kids are extremely happy and going to the ultimate heaven inshalla, only God's blessing is enough to save Israel later, and believe me , those blessing will never come.