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Friday, March 28, 2008


My friend's back today was hurting him, so he went to a pharmacy to get this red stick they put in hurting areas and the pain goes away.
He asked my brother to put it on for him, and said:"sho hal qa63a hay , elly el wa7ad bes2al shab y7o6elo lazq 3al daher o ydalko ! law kha6eb kan kha6ebty ajat be 7eneye dalakatly eyaha o lazaqatha !, yel3an el thol" (in english: I need a girl sympathy ! :P)
I was like:"if you stayed in england, many girls would have come to do it for you !"
He said:"yea its there for ....etc :P"

Thinking about it, ya 7eneyet banat ya balash ! ,ramy .. go for the ubunto friend finder thingy :P.
Let it be - sudo cat /world/jordan | grep grils -18 - blonde (an example :P)

Btw, summer save time started .. argh !


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