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Saturday, March 29, 2008

ADs war

I was looking at the news paper today and sth got my attention, a new ADs war seems, .. well, zain (a new GSM provider working in Jordan) started a new propaganda for its new offer , called (zain 5) , in which you can talk to 5 people on their network for free all day long, and you pay 5 piasters for each call on anyother phone in their network, and you pay 1 JD per week as a fee, here are the ADs:

Umnia (another GSM company working in Jordan) seems to not like that offer, because they had sth way better to offer ! , and they replied to zain propaganda with nice ADs, .. and they started the war (wonder what will happen later, but surely the users will enjoy it !). in umnia offer, you can talk to 10 ppl in their network for free all day long, your call to any other number is only 1 piaster ! and you pay only 1-jd a month ! , thats what I call an offer !, here are their ADs:


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