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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Algorithms fall down

Basel mahafza, our Algorithms tutor, let me tell you that you made the biggest mistake in your life by teaching algorithms in my university for if you have any knowledge in life am sure it has nothing to do with algorithms!
You made the midterm exam on the 23ed of march, and it was the time to show your stupidity , making that a multiple choice exam online, containing eleven questions that a 9th class school students would be ashamed to solve!, and you tried to be on top by showing that you are a real genius! when you dared to put this question about getting the largest element in a descending array and you trustfully thought it would have a constant complexity and it would be solved in a constant time, well guess what !, computers are not clever enough to know that.
You just didn’t stop there, and thought that you should shine again... This time with the question about the multi-dimensional array of (n*n) elements, that has only (n) elements! , you once again thought that the pc would be clever enough to recognize that and solve the problem in a linear time! And your justification was... the other elements are empty, are zeros!

Well, allow me sir to welcome you for you are a:
Real life member of genius
Today we salute you Mr. Basel Mahafze, for you made new theories in algorithms that no one ever dared to talk about or mention , fix me !, you gave us a new standard for IDIOCY ! You don’t care about students or criticism, you don’t care... all you want is to be a genius, you don’t want nothing right or make sense, so go ahead and spread your theories, and don’t worry if nobody listened to you because you are still a winner at stupidity.

Your definitely not Alonzo Church and you are hoping that people would have sympathy for you and your theories, and you didn't stop, you kept arguing that you are right, and that makes you the real life member of genius ! A REAL MEMBER OF GENIUS, so stand up and be recognized and send your theories to every university out there and shine.

But let me tell you, when you want to get the maximum value in an array you will still do (n) number of comparisons, weather it is descending or not, an algorithm is an algorithm, and you can’t consider that a constant time, so I believe that you should go teach your theories somewhere else Mr. !


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