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Monday, March 31, 2008

This crazy world

Floating in the sky and looking down at earth, this crazy world I have been living, am sure every one down there is jealous of me, because they all want to be free and leave that mess.
Getting into the higher level, its amazing how caring the people in the sky are ! They don't even need a master to rule (mind-wash) them, they are not sick trying to prove that they are better than others, all they do is working harder and helping each other to create a better place.
A dream, there is no such a thing called "people in the sky" nor can I fly ... Its all a dream, and how many dreams we had seemed lovely and easily approached but we just stood there doing nothing toward them and surrendered, simply we can't fly.
Slaves we are to our simple desires, we think we are using our minds but really we are using them only to serve our desires no more,we try to free our selves with achieving some works but in the end of the day, we go thinking how should we brag about that the next day, thinking that we advanced one level toward freedom but really we are becoming more slaves to our desires by that, we need a master, we need him to replace our desires and guide us the right way, guide us to work, we need to be come machines !.


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