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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Swimming up the current

A very old story I wrote, it is full of typos and ... other stuff :P , this is chapter 1, out of 12 chapters:

swimming up the current
Once there was this little kid, living with his family beside a river, they lived a very simple life, waking up in the morning, getting food and having lunch ,farming the land.. then going to sleep, they lived in their own world, they used to get fish from the water, they used to hunt in the woods, they were away from their village,

The little kid grew up by the river, he loved it so much he kept watching it when it changes its current direction each day , wondering why it does that , he couldn't get enough of its water wondering what is the source of that water !, later he decided to write a letter , hoping that it could reach to the source, and he could know every thing about it, and so he did and put it in a bottle:
"hello , I am the boy living by the river, I always loved the river, and it is becoming a part of me. Master of the river, I hope when ever you get this message you tell me more about the river, and how do you create its water, and give it its yummy taste, I hope you can give me answers, and I will be so glad"

When he wanted to put it in the river, he wondered whether the source was up the stream or down. so he stopped , since that time , the river never changed its direction .. it kept going down for a whole week ! Which made the boy decide to throw the bottle in it.

Days pasted, the water kept going down for 4 days.. the fifth day in the morning, the kid woke up and noticed that the river current has changed ! and now its going up !he spent all that day waiting by the river . and then he saw a bottle, he jumped directly into the water he was so excited and afraid that it might just fly before it gets to him !!! he got it, opened it and read:
"hello boy living by the river, i am just like you, always looked for the master of the river, always loved this river, and wrote him a letter, but your message is what i got as an answer, the river has been going up for the last couple of days, and this day, it got down and i got your letter, i am afraid we will never find the master of the river"
The boy was shocked, and sad , he couldn't find the source, the master he desired , no answers but more questions.

The boy went to his room sad and slept, the next day the river was going down .. and it kept going down for a whole week, the boy started to wonder , the letter he got said that the water was going up , in the same time the water was going down at his side, and now its going down , it was like if it is asking him for more letters, sth weird, maybe the master lives in the middle of the river, maybe i should write another letter ...:
"hello person down the river, the current was going down here for the last week, i just want to ask you , what is its direction over at your place ?, and tell me more about your area , what kind of trees and animals do you have ? do you get a lot of fishes in the river? tell me more about it"

Four days letter, the current changed, and the boy waited again .. a bottle coming down the river so he jumped , and read:
"trees, animals and fish? what are those ? never heard of them !, the water here is black, and so hot , the air we live in is freezing , and the spirits are really lovely, we all love the hot river and enjoy having fun in it !, the river have been going up for the last week and the other day it went down and i got you letter, i think there is sth mysterious , don't you think we should meet and try to figure things out ?, seems the letter needs 2 days to get to you , i think we need a one day walk to meet if you went down and i went up, are you in ?"

end of chapter 1
... to be continued

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

her smile

WOW ! its been 2 weeks since my last post, i mean, ir felt like it was yesterday :/ .. ehh,I still have nothing to write about .. actually am not in mood , I dunno why :/,I will just post one of the stuff I wrote a while ago .., called her smile .. another emo thingy, enjoy it :P :

She gives the people happiness, like an angel sent from the sky, spreading its lovely wings all around...
With her smile, she could move any sadness away, she will make you forget every pain, such a lovely smile

Like a butterfly flying in the garden, giving her spirit to every rose so they could
survive, like a bee working all day long just so the people could taste the lovely honey

Like an innocent baby, smiling without realizing how scary the world is, just because it makes him happy, it makes every one happy, a great bravery to face this crazy world.

A well crafted smile, embracing the most beautiful face on earth, she would smile at you even if she doesn't know you

Mirrors smile back at her, and go jumping around in the other world talking about what they saw

Angels would gather around her to enjoy that scene, that amazing laugh of her will show you the real meaning of being happy

A god bless, sent on earth, a new kind of a prophet sending the message of love to every one she sees, to every one encountering her

Creating the most lovely aura ever, healing every one getting inside, healing the pain of every human... a real "nour", sent from above, sent with the most beautiful secret, that a lot of humans cant find, the secret of her smile, a big part of the source of every thing happy .. But is she really happy?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

subaru and toyota ?

yes, it is true, they are working together on a RWD sport car, alot say its a coupe, it will be avaliable on 2011, in what seems a new co-operation plan between subaru and toyota and daihatsu !, hope they do great !

Rally in jordan!

You guys know that the World Rally championship is passing through Jordan this year ! which is really amazing ! I was waiting for this for the last year to be a volunteer and see all the heroes there, and I think our university (JU) is offering this chance for the students, which is great, I hope they accept me :S, and btw, its not World Racing Championship as they are announcing at the university :S

I was checking WRC website the other day, and they were talking about the next stage in Jordan .. this took my attention:

It's a shame there's no beer though right?

Wrong! Jordan - and Amman in particular - is just like any other modern day forward thinking country. The nightlife in Amman rock and rolls into the early hours and just pop into the local supermarket to fill up the cool box with supplies. Forget what you might have thought about the Arab World, Jordan is liberal, vibrant and loves to party!

nice, huh ? ;) , you can find more here:

So, seems its gonna be a lot of fun, I will get to see the great FORD,Citroen,Subaru , Suzuki .. and any other non-team members cars , such as Mitsubishi and what ever ppl like for racing, I will get to see great races such as S.loeb(citroen), S.solberg(Ford), P.solberg(subaru), C.atkinson(subaru) .. and alot others !.. ehh, I hope they accept me as a volunteer :/

Monday, April 14, 2008

Didnt say goodbye

She held a very lovely rose and was wearing her most beautiful dress, she could feel the air touching her skin and playing with her smooth hair ... A message on a paper was behind her, she took a look at the sky, closed her eyes and jumped.

A suicide note, that's probably what is it, but why would she do that?! Was it her boyfriend who suddenly decided to stop talking to her, she used to tell me how much she loved him and couldn't leave him, so did he but they decided somehow that its impossible to work out! Or was it her parents who always bugged her about everything and like never made her happy or was it her annoying friends who never stood next to her, this unfair world could give her endless reasons to take such a decision.

She could feel that she was floating in the air, she had a mix of happy and sad feeling; happy about how much petty the people would feel for seeing such a beautiful girl committing such a thing, or how much sad she will make them but her sad feelings, she never realized at all.

Petty? and why would it make her happy?, she is acting the victim of a scenario of her own and she want the people to act as her killers, maybe she realized that she was mistaken and that's why she was sad, on the paper behind her there was only one sentence...

She opened her eye, took a final look at the sky and told it: "I am coming soon" and she threw the rose up as a beautiful comeback present to the sky, good bye cruel world is what was written on the paper and ... She hits the ground.


Every one noticed that alot of guys use english words in an arabic form .. I just thought of mentioning some here in case you didnt know them !:
-"yalla nsaquer": nsaquer, from the english word "square", and they use it in the form of an arabic verb, to endicate that they want to go to the square !
-"awal talat sacation ma6lobeen": means that first 3 sections are required, they use the word "sacation" in the arabic plural form of some words to indicate sections !
-"3am betmasej?" , are you sending messages? ...

The list just doesn't stop, and am bored to write more now :P , so, guess the idea is clear, soon those words will become part of our slang, and later our language.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Her dark magic

Her eyes have this kind of magic that will change your dark nights into shinny days.
That magic will make you stand outside her walls waiting to see her shine.
That magic will make your tears fall and burn the ground underneath you waiting for her sympathy.
That magic will make your soul fly, looking for her every where and you'll just sit there waiting for your soul to come back and tell you about her.
That magic will imprison you, and discharge your powers until you see her again.
That magic is surely the best thing that will happen in your life, it gives you the ultimate happiness, a Nirvana and then simply you wish to close your eyes for ever to keep that magic inside.
That magic will make you a poet, staying all night long giving your self into your words and writings, you'll start loosing your self inside them until you vanish within your papers.
That magic will make you high, will make you crazier than anything ever, it'll make you scream out of happiness when she is around and will make you silent when she is not, waiting for her like a baby inside his mom waiting to see the light that makes him cry.
That magic will take you to places no one ever been to, it will make you confused between what is real and what is a dream, it will make you lost.
That magic will make her your queen, trying your best to serve her and never to see her sad.
That magic will sometimes make you a feather floating with the wind, unable to do anything or any change.
That's the magic of her eyes, the magic that made me lost in her eyes, your magic my queen (:

emo .. huh ? (;

Friday, April 4, 2008

Take a chance

Take a chance, because there might be no tomorrow
Don't loose a friend, because you might not have enough years to make a new one
You don't have to believe in anything, but death, because its the only true thing to happen
Look away, but don't forget where you are standing right now
Don't beg to fly if your wings are broken