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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Her dark magic

Her eyes have this kind of magic that will change your dark nights into shinny days.
That magic will make you stand outside her walls waiting to see her shine.
That magic will make your tears fall and burn the ground underneath you waiting for her sympathy.
That magic will make your soul fly, looking for her every where and you'll just sit there waiting for your soul to come back and tell you about her.
That magic will imprison you, and discharge your powers until you see her again.
That magic is surely the best thing that will happen in your life, it gives you the ultimate happiness, a Nirvana and then simply you wish to close your eyes for ever to keep that magic inside.
That magic will make you a poet, staying all night long giving your self into your words and writings, you'll start loosing your self inside them until you vanish within your papers.
That magic will make you high, will make you crazier than anything ever, it'll make you scream out of happiness when she is around and will make you silent when she is not, waiting for her like a baby inside his mom waiting to see the light that makes him cry.
That magic will take you to places no one ever been to, it will make you confused between what is real and what is a dream, it will make you lost.
That magic will make her your queen, trying your best to serve her and never to see her sad.
That magic will sometimes make you a feather floating with the wind, unable to do anything or any change.
That's the magic of her eyes, the magic that made me lost in her eyes, your magic my queen (:

emo .. huh ? (;


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