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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rally in jordan!

You guys know that the World Rally championship is passing through Jordan this year ! which is really amazing ! I was waiting for this for the last year to be a volunteer and see all the heroes there, and I think our university (JU) is offering this chance for the students, which is great, I hope they accept me :S, and btw, its not World Racing Championship as they are announcing at the university :S

I was checking WRC website the other day, and they were talking about the next stage in Jordan .. this took my attention:

It's a shame there's no beer though right?

Wrong! Jordan - and Amman in particular - is just like any other modern day forward thinking country. The nightlife in Amman rock and rolls into the early hours and just pop into the local supermarket to fill up the cool box with supplies. Forget what you might have thought about the Arab World, Jordan is liberal, vibrant and loves to party!

nice, huh ? ;) , you can find more here:

So, seems its gonna be a lot of fun, I will get to see the great FORD,Citroen,Subaru , Suzuki .. and any other non-team members cars , such as Mitsubishi and what ever ppl like for racing, I will get to see great races such as S.loeb(citroen), S.solberg(Ford), P.solberg(subaru), C.atkinson(subaru) .. and alot others !.. ehh, I hope they accept me as a volunteer :/


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