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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Swimming up the current

A very old story I wrote, it is full of typos and ... other stuff :P , this is chapter 1, out of 12 chapters:

swimming up the current
Once there was this little kid, living with his family beside a river, they lived a very simple life, waking up in the morning, getting food and having lunch ,farming the land.. then going to sleep, they lived in their own world, they used to get fish from the water, they used to hunt in the woods, they were away from their village,

The little kid grew up by the river, he loved it so much he kept watching it when it changes its current direction each day , wondering why it does that , he couldn't get enough of its water wondering what is the source of that water !, later he decided to write a letter , hoping that it could reach to the source, and he could know every thing about it, and so he did and put it in a bottle:
"hello , I am the boy living by the river, I always loved the river, and it is becoming a part of me. Master of the river, I hope when ever you get this message you tell me more about the river, and how do you create its water, and give it its yummy taste, I hope you can give me answers, and I will be so glad"

When he wanted to put it in the river, he wondered whether the source was up the stream or down. so he stopped , since that time , the river never changed its direction .. it kept going down for a whole week ! Which made the boy decide to throw the bottle in it.

Days pasted, the water kept going down for 4 days.. the fifth day in the morning, the kid woke up and noticed that the river current has changed ! and now its going up !he spent all that day waiting by the river . and then he saw a bottle, he jumped directly into the water he was so excited and afraid that it might just fly before it gets to him !!! he got it, opened it and read:
"hello boy living by the river, i am just like you, always looked for the master of the river, always loved this river, and wrote him a letter, but your message is what i got as an answer, the river has been going up for the last couple of days, and this day, it got down and i got your letter, i am afraid we will never find the master of the river"
The boy was shocked, and sad , he couldn't find the source, the master he desired , no answers but more questions.

The boy went to his room sad and slept, the next day the river was going down .. and it kept going down for a whole week, the boy started to wonder , the letter he got said that the water was going up , in the same time the water was going down at his side, and now its going down , it was like if it is asking him for more letters, sth weird, maybe the master lives in the middle of the river, maybe i should write another letter ...:
"hello person down the river, the current was going down here for the last week, i just want to ask you , what is its direction over at your place ?, and tell me more about your area , what kind of trees and animals do you have ? do you get a lot of fishes in the river? tell me more about it"

Four days letter, the current changed, and the boy waited again .. a bottle coming down the river so he jumped , and read:
"trees, animals and fish? what are those ? never heard of them !, the water here is black, and so hot , the air we live in is freezing , and the spirits are really lovely, we all love the hot river and enjoy having fun in it !, the river have been going up for the last week and the other day it went down and i got you letter, i think there is sth mysterious , don't you think we should meet and try to figure things out ?, seems the letter needs 2 days to get to you , i think we need a one day walk to meet if you went down and i went up, are you in ?"

end of chapter 1
... to be continued


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