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Friday, October 17, 2008

My queen

My queen
I am sure I have written a lot about you, and so many readers are wondering who you are, unlucky for them, because one never knows how tasty the honey is, no matter how much he heard about it until he tastes it, I saw you and I just can't get enough of you, your smile, your magic, every thing (:

Every day, every where i go i just can't find anything more beautiful than her, with her beauty she shall always be number one on earth or any land I passed by in my fantasy worlds in dreams or in reality, when I see her I can't tell what is real and what is dream, her beauty is way more than you could imagine or dream about, she is something else from outside this world.

Her eyes, they are just wonderful, like stars very far and mysterious yet you always enjoy looking at them but no matter how much you try you will never reach them, you can keep looking for ever and you shall always be fascinated. they are more than just stars, they are the lights that angels of love in the roman legends enjoyed, they are the hope that kept every lover waiting for his love to come back, they are the light of happiness for every one around.

Her smile will make you a poet, no matter who you are, you will just be amazed, grab your pen and start writing, its a secret that a thousand Monalizas can't have, that would take all Da vinci's life time to draw, it gives you an eternal hope in this life that shall never let you down, a magic of her beauty, of her smile.

Her cheeks are jewels enchanted by angels, a soft touch on them will reject you from this life and throw you above the clouds with an amazing feeling of cuteness, beauty and adore, so soft and so nice, will make you an angel with their special spell so pure and so loving for this life, another magic placed in her since the beginning of time.

her lips, embracing her smile are rulers that will enslave you to her beauty, a kiss from them shall make you happy for ever, a kiss to remember, full of passion that shall make you for ever a lover and a servant standing by her side trying your best to serve her, to get every evilness away from her, a magic that will make you enjoy life in a way you never did before.

She is embracing beauty with her magic, she is a new kind of joy to this earth, and even in heaven I am sure I'd find no trouble at all enjoying an eternal life there just looking at her and i shall never get bored.

Despite all her beauty and magic, she is humble, friendly and so cute (:, I really enjoy talking to her no matter how short it was and how sad she seems, she still can spread her magic god bless her, my queen.


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