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Friday, October 17, 2008

"that girl", my queen

A change in plans.
Tales of Her

A rose:
Wearing a nice green dress, walking in a field of roses. The air gently touches her face, moving the hair away and showing her beauty to the world. She smiles, she always does.

She is a rose her self. A unique one with magical colors and an addictive smell. The most beautiful rose in any field. A rose that will be sacred into history. A rose no one sees would ever forget. Will make you wish an eternal life to live with it.

Unlike other roses she never dies. She keeps shinning the whole year, through all seasons; tough or fine; she will shine, giving hope for the entire field. A hope for a nice tomorrow, a better future and a beautiful life.

As she leaves the field roses cry. They start swinging with the wind, trying to cast a magical spell to keep her inside. She with a wonderful kiss in the wind spread love into the entire field, making it peaceful again. Leaving her aroma behind the field wishes for a longer life to share such a fascinating spell with the world.

In the city:
In a city full of people walking aimlessly toward fading goals, a pale moon in the sky throws its shadow on the endless streams. She walks alone with her magical eyes. The moon shines again.

For her beauty the moon would light, amazed by the wonders the earth could have. It witnessed them all from the birth of humanity; Adam and Eve arriving to earth, great prophecies through history, magical pieces of art never forgotten and many scenes we never knew off. But she is different.

She is a prophecy her self, she is the heart of art and she is one of her kind. A beauty never witnessed by the moon before. A beauty that will keep the moon wondering for ever whether it is actually dreaming or is she really a goddess walking on earth.

The streams of people carry on toward their sea. Some noticing her beauty; few amazed and most just close hearted. They carry on with their disturbed minds. She smiles trying to save them, she keeps trying.

By the sea:
In the summer, she enjoys a day on the beach. The sea stays calm, calm to hear her singing, to hear her chant ! Wishing to silence every one around to hear no one but her.

Yes she also sings. Her music is her lovely spirit, and the words are her smile. She chants and the angels listen carefully. The sea stays calm seeing no one but her. The people carry on their joy unaware of her voice, but feeling the calm sea they joy too.

The sea heard about fantasy mermaids the human always talked about. And that day it thought it saw one. More beautiful than it ever thought she would be. It wished she was one of the mermaids human dreamed about, that she would jump in and stays deep their for ever.

The day come to an end, and She heads home. The sea watches her leave and thunders with waves, crying and wishing she would stay more. She looks back and smile. The sea calms down and lives hoping she will be back again.

In a garden:
She walks between the trees. A beautiful spirit flying by them, a spirit they never thought it actually exist; the spirit of the tree of life they always wished to see. She is walking by their side.

The trees tries and tries, they want to leave the ground and dance around that spirit. They are willing to sacrifice their lives, leaving their ground just to have a final dance with her before they die. But the spirit calms them down, giving them hope that she will pass by again, that she will embrace them with its aura once more. The trees revive and live with hope.

The garden she is in is surely a part of heaven. The sun shines and smile on that garden, a beautiful scene she perfects that explorers always had in mind, journeying to find that magical piece of art. Few of them got that rare chance, and most did not.

Those who saw her, can not describe what they have seen. They keep that image in their minds, they keep smiling and they go on living their life with an amazing hope they never thought they would have.

Is it the end?
As the tales come to an end, and the curtains are about to fall down. People cry for more. They want that play to go on for ever, they want to keep watching her for ever. The curtains come down.

The people feel sad but they all still have hope. Hope because she is still their, alive in our world. When ever she is their, there is hope, beauty and endless kindness. A hope every one needs. A beauty never witnessed before. Kindness that would bring peace to any heart.

In all seasons she shines, her beauty is amazing that my words can never describe. The play CAN go for ever, and will do, for her image will never fade from people's mind, from the moon's mind, from the sea's mind, from the trees, from wherever she was. She will always be there smiling, and giving hope.


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