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Monday, October 20, 2008

To my soul - my journy

(pre. text:
1. this is part of my story (my Journey) , you can find more information in the link about it.
2. time: way in the future.)

To my soul, with haters:

We are half the way through autumn
all the leaves that fall in pain
taking the great magic of our world
smiling in the field, she still stands there

I see madness within my flesh cells
each one is wanting to kill every thing around
even the day, and keeping the darkness all the time
so she would be the only one that can see

She enjoys the dark
she fools every one with her innocence
ohh my soul how i hate you
how much I want to make you alone

You left me alone when I needed you so much
I wasted my time looking for you
you just stood there enjoying your time
standing in the field, waving at life

Behind closed eyes my mind been guiding you
but you were always in war with happiness in all of its forms
you are not gentle in any mean of dealing with life or anyone
your evil shall be over

I always wanted to find you again, always wanted to hold you
don't you want to hold me ?
don't you care that am going crazy ?
now I know that I was the victim I was the biggest fool

You guided the evil to our world and put the guilt on me
you are enjoying humanity foolishness and slavery
you announced me the enemy
and you just enjoyed your victory


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