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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My cookbook

Well, I've been making some food since Ramadan started, and I thought I might wanna share what I made with you (:
If you like any dish just email me and I will tell you how to do it (;
p.s no bugs involved this time!

A day:
Dish: Fast food stuff
Rank: 3.5/5

Another day:
Dish: Cellentani(pasta) with my pow ":P" chicken
Rank: 2/5
Too much sesame oil made it taste bad ! :S

A time period "not belong to" {day, another day}:
Dish: Cavatappi(pasta) with baby shrimps and yummy sauce Y!
Rank: 4.5/5
It was so yummy!

The day I got visitors:
1- Chicken with Staii's sauce.
2- Shrimps.
3- Cellentani(pasta)
4- Fusilli (pasta)
5- Multiple special pasta sauces :D
6- Salad (red cabbage, lettuce and sweet pepper)
1- Chicken with Cellentani and sauce X.
2- Shrimps with Fusilli over the Salad and sauce Y prime.
5/5 for chicken
4.5/5 for shrimps
4.5/5 for Cellentani
3/5 for Fusilli
My brother and his wife
They eliminated the chicken at breakfast !, they finished the Cellentani at dinner, they also ate all the shrimps !, only some Fusilli left at night (of course I helped with that all :P)

That's it for now, I will be posting more soon, noodles and spaghetti dishes!
Ciao ciaoz

JU wireless

Not free anymore, at least you have to be a student and move your a** to the computer center to get your "user name" and password, why is that ? no body knows, maybe a new monitoring system, less freedom ! you can only find it in JU (:


Saturday, September 20, 2008

They said about love

"Die, die, die my darling
Don't utter a single word
Die, die, die my darling
Just shut your pretty eyes
I'll be seeing you again
Yeah, I'll be seeing you, in hell"

"I got something to say, I killed your baby today and it Doesn't matter much to me, as long as it's dead"

"L is for LOVE, baby
O is for ONLY you that I do
V is for loving VIRTUALLY everything that you are
E is for loving almost EVERYTHING that you do
R is for RAPE me
M is for MURDER me
A is for ANSWERING all of my prayers
N is for KNOWING your loverman's going to be the answer to all of yours"

"One completed soul takes two brave hearts."

"Cause lovers live a little longer, baby
You and me, we got a chance to live twice
Lovers live a little longer, ain't that nice
Lovers live a little longer, baby
What a feeling when I hold you tight
Lovers live a little longer, yeah"

"Lay your head on my chest so you hear every beat of my heart
Now there's nothing at all that can keep us apart
Touch my lips, close your eyes and see with your fingertips
Things that you do, and you know I'm crazy 'bout you"

"With all the love I feel
I could never leave her
No matter what the cost
My soulds the price to see her

Oh how I love you
The pain won't go away
Oh when I need you
You're always so far away
I cry for you
Leaving myself to blame
I died for you
I gave up everything"

"To be loved, love."

Serj Tankian
"To all the leaves that fall in vain,
While god and goddess go insane
All these words in your domain,
The watches kill time as the books read,
Inadvertently we bleed
Fighting for what we deceive,

Baby oh baby,
Baby my baby,
Baby ooh babe
I miss you, lalalala,"

I say
"Love is joy and sorrow"

Friday, September 19, 2008

More atheists in Jordan?

I was checking today this site, its a blog called "I can has happy", a post called "top 50 atheists quotes" ! funny thing is , 4 out of the last 10 reader were Arabs, 2 were from Jordan and another 2 from Tunis!
I wonder if they were just interested or the numbers of atheists are getting more and more here!
Cheers (:

Monday, September 15, 2008

The sea of Gods - My journey

This post is another part of the novel am working on (My journey) you can read older posts here:
My journey
The forest part 1
The forest part 2
The forest part 3

Not to make you confused, those parts are different in time, your Ideas might not be so connected, but just to help, "The forest" comes right before "My journey", and this coming story, "The sea of Gods" comes somewhere after "My journey"

The sea of Gods - Part 1

My journey is over in the desert of the kings, and now am standing in front of the sea of gods with only the scroll of light in my hand and the sword of eternity in the other, not knowing what to do, just standing there and waiting, thinking of all what happened so far... Should I keep going and try to take the demons out or should I just quit and leave humanity alone, all the dead and all the risk that have been taken worth nothing ?, I've waited for a long time and I couldn't feel it, I was just lost in my thoughts.

I woke up in a boat, must have been in a coma, there were two persons on the board, couldn't tell if they were males or females, I just asked for some water, and they brought me, I took a sip then went back to sleep again.

They awoke me sometime later, they were a man and a woman, I asked them "who are you?"
"We are here to take you through the sea of gods"
"you were too late"
"you are so weak!" she said
"Ohh, I've seen this before, it might be a Déjà vu"
"What is a dii-ja-voo?" she asked.
"Hmm, it is when you see something happening that you feel it happened before, like that movie on the TV Deja vu?"
"You've seen us before?!!" she asked amazed.
"What is a tee-vee?" he followed
"Too many questions :s, a TV is umm ... pictures?"
"You couldn't have seen us , immortals can't see us on earth" she kept talking
"You draw things and put them in a Tee-vee?" he asked
"Forget about the TV, it's a long story, and why can't I see you?"
"Because we always been in this sea, and we never left!" she said with an angry tone
"Just calm down" the man told her
"Where are you taking me?"
"We don't know, we just pick up people and gods guide our boat" he said
"If it wasn't for us you'd have been dead by now in that desert sun, but we didn't want you to die, there are way worse things awaiting you than death" she followed
"Yes, I guess you are right, I've been through such a thing before, when my first love left me, and when my soul left me all alone, do you think they will ever come back to me?"
"Your soul maybe, but your lover, never" he said
"A soul is enough for you, who needs a lover? Stop being whiney!" she said
"I guess you are right, just stop that tone with me!"
They were silent then, I said "how much long do you think this boat journey is going to take?"
"What's her name the girl you loved" she asked
"Does it matter? And still I want an answer"
"We never know, but we can tell you when it is about to get over, usually it takes a couple of years" he said
"A couple of years! That's a lot!"
"I am seeing some girl in your future, so tell me, that girl might be her" she said with a calm tone now
"Her name is Nour... is it her?!"
She was silent for a moment, then said "I see no Nour, I am sorry"
"There is some food on the other side of the boat if you are hungry, we are going to get some fish for the night" he said
"Its ok, I guess I'll wait for the fish, am not hungry for now, so what is your name?"
"I am called Rav, and she is Rava. And you?"
"You don't know me?"
"We know, forget it" she said

I stood up and walked around the boat, the sea was so calm and looked endless, I am loosing it, I don't see anymore visions, I don't know where I am going or what should I do next, I can't remember any sea in my dreams ...
My soul, will you always be away from me?
My soul, you have always been my best companion.
My soul, why would you hurt me when I've been always good to you?
My soul, why would you throw me to such a scary destiny and leave me by my self all the way
My soul, if you are listening to me please be next to me.
My soul, you know how much I need you, if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have survived the desert of the kings
My soul, I am dead without you, you have the answers am looking for
My soul, without you I won't remember anything from my path, my dreams and my visions.

I've kept looking in the water, but she never replied to me, she hates me for what I did, and I can't see her forgiving me ever, I released the demons into my world and stole it's beauty and let it burn into their desires, new desires every day, new control, new humiliation to humanity, they really knew how to control humans through sorrow, fear and lust.

I guess I need to have some rest, all I can do is waiting for this boat to settle somewhere, I walked back to where I was, every thing was fine, in the distance there were some green lightening objects in the water, I asked "what are they?"
"Its said that they used to be strong fighters for gods in the past, but they failed the gods so they got in those shinny prisons, and no one knows about them, but some legends say that they sometimes awake and attack boats here and whom ever they attack just disappear!" she said
"But that never happened through the 300 years we spent here" he said
"Look! They are moving"
"OMG! They never do that" he said
"Maybe we should try to change our track"
"WE CAN'T!" she screamed, "It is true! They can move, we are dead".

End of part 1
(To be continued)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Through countless years I shall keep waiting by the mighty sea for your return, telling it how much I miss you and how much lucky it is having you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finally a good birthday memory

Today, actually now, is the launch of the first beam at the LHC, this should be a big advantage in the world of physics, this is only the first beam, it will check that every thing is working in the LHC, we'll have to wait 2 months for the other beam to be ready where the real work will be done! Can't wait.
Today is my birthday, and finally goes a good memory for my birthday (:, unlike last years of 11th-sep or attacks on my city or whatever bad used to happen!

HDD inside

We were working today on our graduation project (me, staiii and walko) which is a mobile wireless adhoc network (MANET), we got to buy some hardware, we went to fundirectory to pick it up, when we got back home we discovered that its not the hardware that we wanted ! so we got back there to get a replacement and by the time we were home again it was 11 sth pm, too late to do anything but to dis-assemble a hard disk! (This is not the first time I do it, but it was the first one with a camera on hand).
It was fun.
We engraved our own tracks on the plate inside :P, it was crystal clear,now its .. full of scratches :D, actually tracks, because the scratching was done while it was on and rotating, yea, it has a pretty strong motor! Enjoy the pics:
The reading head, looks like a crocodile.
The plate before touching it.
The plate after some tweaking :P
The throne of the plate.
The plate in peace.
The plate in war! with our screw driver engraving tracks on it :P.

Whats next?
The plate is gonna go on someones car, or its just gonna be used as a weapon for rising robots !
The head is gonna be made as a nickles, in case you forgot sth you put it on your head and it will read your brain data and get it our for you! , anyone interested ? cheap prices :D

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Amazons AI Competition - GeeX

My friends at GeeX started an AI programming competition, So If any of you guys are interested hope you'll join us, here it goes:


I was talking to our good friend Suhib Al-Sisan the other day, when one idea to another, we conceived an idea for a new programming competition.


Amazons <> is a board game, it is mainly a territory game. *It is really fun!* The rules are simple, yet you will be amazed to find the game requires some good thinking. It is not as hard as chess, but not as easy as 4-to-win (or whatever it is called). It's perfect when you don't want to get bored playing, yet you don't want to
exhaust yourself thinking.

I have programmed many version of it, we (that is, me, Waleed and Mohamad Qasem) actually did a physical version of the game as a project in one course! Some of those verison were multiplayer over the internet, this helped me (and I think the other players) realize how fun it is.

*The Competition*

I once tried to write an AI to play it, and it wasn't bad for my first time. This came up while chatting with Suhib, and *the new competition's idea is as follows*: Each participatant writes an AI, in his prefered language (more to come about this), then the AIs are run against each other, probably in a tournament style to find the best AI.

To accomplish this,* I started by writing "the Central Unit". The Central Unit allows you to* run your algorithm, and play against it, or make multiple algorithms play against each other while you watch their moves (or you don't, and just see the results).

The first version of the Central Unit is attached in this email (v0.5? Seems reasonable for now). It took around 6 hours of work, the graphics are taken from Wikipedia (I plan to use my own graphics, but I don't have them on my laptop for now), and I am providing it under GPL, or whatever *:P*. Expect the code to be very ugly, but working. I'll be cleaning stuff up if I find
you guys are interested.

*Central Unit (CU) Manual*

So, CU comes in a ZIP, extract and run "". Under Linux this would be "sudo python". You need the sudo part because the script hooks up to port 80. You access everything from your browser, opening "localhost". I did it that way to make it cross-platform, without much overhead in coding or installing.

The game has two players as you should know by now, white and black. Either of the players can be a human or a script at any point in the game (you can switch back and forth as much as you want).

Now, regarding programming language, your program has to be runnable from a terminal, and ends its process by itself. Before the program is ran, a file named "" will be generated in the folder containing "". *This file will contain the information about the current board, and the list of all moves as follows*:

- First 10 lines each contain 10 characters. Each line represents one row of the board. Those characters are ASCII characters representing numbers in the set {0, 1, 2, 3}. A "0" represents an empty square, a "1" represents a marked square, a "2" represents a white queen, and a "3" represents a black queen. The first character represents the sqaure a1, the last character of
the first line represents j1.
- This is followed by a line containing a value *N*, representing the number of moves played so far.
- This is followed by *N* lines, each representing a single move, expressed as a string of the form xn-xn/xn, where "x" is a letter from "a" to "j", and "n" is a number from 1 to 10. The first part represents where the queen was moved from, the second where it moved to, and the last where an arrow was thrown. Those lines each always matches the regular expression:"^([a-j])([1-9]|10)-([a-j])([1-9]|10)/([a-j])([1-9]|10)$".
- Lines are seperated by a carriage return and a line feed ("\r\n").

Your process should read this file, and write another file "amazons.out" in the same folder, *containing the move it decided to* *do* in a format similar to the move described above. An optional empty line afterwards is accepted.

*Your process HAS TO THEN END*. The CU won't kill your process and will not return until your process ends. If you are writing your code in MATLAB syntax, I recommend you use octave instead of MATLAB, it starts kind of faster and it ends really nicely.

When playing as a human, click the square from which you would like to move your queen, followed by the destination, followed by the place of the arrow.

*Things You Should Know*

- The code is not yet finished. I am providing it early to see how many of you are interested, and allow you to start working on your AIs early on.
- Some features aren't yet implemented, in particular, the CU doesn't know when a game is over. This also means the "Fast Forward" and "Forward to End" aren't implemented yet.
- I know you can click on squares that don't make sense, nor follow the rules when are you playing as a human. This is because the CU deals with a human player just like a script player, it only evaluates the move when asked to (when you click next "Step Forward" for script or when you choose the place of your arrow for human). I might fix that later on.
- So far none of us has written an AI for it, so you can either start playing it human-vs-human, or implement your own AI. I think I will be doing one soon.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

I am looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions (and excitement about the idea? *:P*).
-- Sinan

You can download the CU code here
Sinan's vandal code (un-intelligent version) here
Suhaib's shabah code (Linux here, windows here)
Omar's omko2 code here.

Try them out guys, see which code wins ;)

Monday, September 8, 2008

That innocent smile

My friend Nour, She always has it, its so innocent .. its like a baby smiling and even if she is faking it! It will just look SO innocent!
god bless ya,
long days and pleasant nights (:

Maybe just an innocent smile would bring peace to this world, who knows, we always should be smiling, life is beautiful if we try.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Its been a year and a half since my first post "Starting the series"
The word "meh" always been there (:, I love that world, specially when you listen or talk to an annoying doctor in the university you just keep thinking in your mind "meh, meh, meh" among the "blas" and the "yada yadas".

I feel relaxed thinking about that word, meh ... never care about anything annoying and just enjoy the world, as walko says "ph33r the m3h within j00".

Just enjoy the beauty of "meh" guys, life becomes easy.

Thinkgeek's "meh" shirt here.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The new layout

His majesty doctor The Zee® Man, helped me choosing and tweaking this layout, hope you'll like it (:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Patterns in The Ivy 2 (opeth cover)

Another Nice cover by my friend Luna for a song by opeth called "patterns in the ivy II", hope you'll like it:

Monday, September 1, 2008

2 nice drawings about ramadan

I found this mini comic on Applegeeks, a comic made by 2 guys, one of them named Mohammad, I like their art and their comics, but I am not a constant reader there, I just like to check it from time to time.

And another abu-mahjoob caricature , enjoy it (: